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Shipping items that are heavy or long?

Items over 8 feet long or over 80 pounds must be delivered by Fedex Freight (not Fedex parcel delivery) and this is generally much more expensive for small shipments. If you need more than one item, try ordering as many as possible to minimize your shipping cost as the freight shipping charges will be more economical if you are shipping more weight.

Shipping options not showing up?

If shipping is not showing in your total please contact us at  We can also use our bulk discounts to get you the most economical shipping options possible for larger orders.

Call us for help at any time!

The components available for on-line ordering represent a small sample of the total available conveyor components that we sell. If you don’t see what you need, we probably have it anyway — call us on 586-771-1881. We sell everything from individual conveyor trolleys to container loads of conveyor equipment for automotive assembly plants.

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