Ultimation - a leader among conveyor suppliers

Our leadership team stands out among conveyor suppliers and conveyor manufacturers. We have a blend of deep automotive leadership; decades of conveyor experience and some of the best and brightest young mechanical electrical designers available. For nearly 30 years, Ultimation has focused on the mission implied in our name: “We’re the Ultimate in Automation”. As conveyor suppliers and their technologies evolve and mature, our leadership team is growing in depth and capability to serve our customers in the automation market better.

Our Conveyor Manufacturer Executive Leadership Team

Conveyor Suppliers - Ultimation CEO Jacqueline Canny

Jacqueline Canny

CEO and Owner

Jackie has a long career in sales and marketing leadership positions across a variety of industry sectors. Her strong belief in the growth potential for the Michigan manufacturing sector was behind her acquisition of Ultimation in 2011. Her vision is to continue growing Ultimation into one of Michigan’s leading woman-owned businesses and conveyor manufacturers.

Conveyor Suppliers - Ultimation

Richard Canny


Richard is a former Ford Motor senior executive. Prior to joining Ultimation in 2011 he was CEO of electric vehicle company, THINK. His past positions at Ford included President – Ford South America, President – Ford Argentina, Managing Director – Ford Malaysia and Director – Global Strategy. He has over 35 years of deep manufacturing experience.

John Daugherty

VP – Engineering and Sales

John joined Ultimation in 2018 after a long career at Jervis Webb, Durr and Ford Motor Company. He is one of the most experienced, respected and capable leaders among conveyor suppliers in the North America material handling industry. John is responsible for Ultimation’s engineering and sales teams.

Dawn Milot

Purchasing and Operations Manager

Dawn is responsible for operations management in the Roseville production facility and supplier management and purchasing for production and non-production items. She has extensive experience in the steel industry and in a number of different conveyor manufacturers and roles.

Norberto Rebollo - Ultimation

Norberto Rebollo

Director – Latin America

Norberto is responsible for Ultimation business and projects in Latin America. A native of Argentina, Norberto has more than 30 years of experience as a conveyor manufacturer and conveyor supplier specialist in the automotive industry in the region. Prior to joining Ultimation in 2012, Norberto was responsible for Ford Motor Company manufacturing engineering operations in South America.