Industrial Automation

Body transfer system for Ford Explorer from skid conveyor to overhead conveyor

Industrial Automation

Tire assembly machine

Industrial Automation - Ultimation

Vertical lifter for car body at GM Spring Hill Assembly Plant

Industrial automation equipment

Skillet conveyor system – corner module at GM Spring Hill Assembly Plant

Industrial automation

Custom auto body sequencer for Ford Flatrock Assembly Plant

Industrial Automation

Ford tooling storage systems

Chassis turn over machine

Chassis turn over machine in a GM Assembly Plant

Industrial Automation Equipment Types

We design industrial automation equipment for the automotive, truck and material handling industries. Our special machines have ranged from a few hundred pounds to more than 50 tons. Although many machines perform a similar function, most of them have custom requirements determined by the product being moved. Typical requirements are:

  • Vertical lifters and elevators – for product weights from plastic tote bins to vehicle bodies. Styles include ball-screw lifts, two post lifts and four post lifts
  • Automated fork transfers – lifting machines which also include automatic forks to lift products on and off conveyors, including for vehicles
  • Turn-over machines – machines to turn over product. Sizes up to 10,000 pounds for truck chassis turn-over machines
  • Pallet and tire stacking machines
  • Storage and rack systems for tooling

All of our product designs utilize 3D CAD systems, enabling you to review the machine before it is built.

Whatever your industrial automation equipment needs, contact Ultimation Industries LLC for a free consultation.