What are Warehouse Robots (AMRs)?

AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot. A mobile warehouse robot (or AMR) can understand commands and navigate through different work environments without being on a direct path or have an operator controlling its movement. The mobile robots work using integrated sensors to navigate through the workplace, avoiding contact with people, structures, racks, etc. Their goal is to make it from point A to point B as efficiently as possible while maintaining safety of the product it is moving around. Your company can find major productivity increase when pairing mobile warehouse robots with specific top modules and other conveyor systems.

What are AMR Top Modules?

An AMR top module is a component that works with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) to produce more efficiency in the workplace. Without top modules, the mobile robot will lack functionality in the workplace. Top modules can be quickly implemented to warehouse robots and can begin working for you in as little as 30 minutes!

Ultimation is partnering with Danish company Nord-Modules to bring their top modules to the United States. Nord top modules work with over 130 different AMRs that are currently on the market.

Should I use warehouse robots, floor conveyors or overhead conveyors?

Lean production methods have enabled modern factories to re-think how they use space, time and people. Optimizing how to achieve this isn’t a great task to give a college intern. Although many of Ultimation’s customers have sophisticated manufacturing and industrial engineering teams, a lot of our customers need help and fresh ideas. We can assist in how to best use floor space and overhead space to meet your productivity needs.

Comparing mobile robots, floor conveyors and overhead conveyors

The best planned and best run industrial facilities will likely utilize warehouse robots, floor conveyors AND overhead conveyors. Each equipment type has benefits and limitations. Warehouse robots have enormous advantages with respect to their flexibility. But they can’t accumulate or create a buffer. These types of tasks are best suited to floor-mounted motorized roller conveyors or to overhead power and free conveyors. The optimal facility plan will take this into account and link your material handling system together as an integrated whole. We’ll also conduct a warehouse robot safety review as part of the process.

What types of Top Modules/Accessories are there?

There are various types of Autonomous Mobile Robot Top Modules and accessories:

  1. Quick Mover – The goal of the QM180 is to increase production while also safely transporting goods from point A to B. The QM180 can transport up to 485lbs (220kgs) per load. The QM180 also has a raising/lowering mechanism to be able to transport items/off load them to different height stations.
  2. Pallet Mover – PM1500/1548 – The goal of the Pallet Mover is to revolutionize your internal transport of heavy loads and pallets. The PM will pick up, transport, and deliver pallets around your work environment autonomously without need of a human operator. The infrared technology enables communication with the Pallet Conveyor to optimize the internal logistics of your company. The Pallet mover can handle up to 3,306 lbs. (1500 kgs) with a transport area of 52” x 41” (1320mm x 1036mm)
  3. Cobot Tower – The Cobot Tower will help take your automation to the next level when you use it combined with a Solid Gate or Gate Picker. The Solid Gate is considered a station that the Quick Mover can bring packages to, and from there the Cobot Towers robotic arm will work with the Gate Picker and will lift the items up and move it to where it needs to go for further processing.
  4. Gate Picker – The Gate Picker is another key piece to integrating robotics into your workplace without changing your entire workplace layout. By placing the Gate Picker on the solid gate, it ensures accurate placement of your items where they need to go.
  5. Shelf Cart – The shelf cart allows your AMR to move items from point A to point B without the need of a docking station. The shelf cart works very well with the QM180 Nord Top Module, however it can work with many other AMRs as well. The goal of the shelf cart is for you to load items on it for delivery or receiving, and the AMR will move these items without need of any other components.
  6. Manu-Mover – The Manu-Mover is a semi-automated solution to implement into your workplace without changing your workplace layout. It improves productivity and works by picking up/delivering goods from point A to point B. Although a human is needed to operate the equipment, the Manu-Mover will help deliver goods with ease by having a hydraulic table that lifts and lowers heavy loads, giving you the ability to move through tight areas.

We are the Nord Top Module AMR Experts for The Americas

Ultimation is the North American partner for the leading Danish AMR company Nord Modules. Together Nord Modules and Ultimation are your experts in bringing more efficient Top Modules to your AMRs wherever in the world they are required. Whether it is a top module or accessories for the robots you already have in place, our goal is to make your workplace more efficient. By utilizing robotics in the workplace, it frees up your employees to work on other projects. With utilizing Nord and Ultimation as your experts, we offer “plug and play” systems that can be up and running within 30 minutes.

Nord Modules feature the latest in technology to help maximize production in the workplace. Their technology works hand in hand with AMR units to create a safe work environment. Their robotic technology offers multiple sensors that can read the environment so they can avoid stationary items, or humans as they are moving around. Robot top modules are sometimes also known as tooling modules, upper modules, warehouse robot end effectors and AMR modules.

Ultimation is your United States distributor for everything Nord-Modules has to offer. Whether it is adding to your system in place or completely designing a new system for your work environment, Ultimation is here to meet your needs.

Which Top Module is right for me?

When considering which type(s) of top module would be correct for your business application, consider the follow:

Weight – How much weight do you need to move around your warehouse? What would be the maximum pay load you wish for your AMR to transport?

Size – How much room do you have in your current warehouse to allow for an Autonomous Mobile Robot to move around? AMRs come in different sizes, we can find you the right AMR and top modules to fit your current floor plan without requiring you to re-structure your entire warehouse.

Transfer Style:

MDR to MDR-  Robots can move boxes or pallets using the pallet mover, which can load and offload items without human labor. The PalletMover can take items to the pallet conveyor, and offload the items. The PalletMover AMR Top module does require one of the larger warehouse robots to operate correctly

Cobot Transfer- Allow your Autonomous Mobile Robot move items to the docking station, where the Cobot Tower will pick the items from the docking station and move them to where they need to go.

Shelf Cart- Place items on a shelf cart, and allow your mobile robot to come collect the cart, pick up the entire cart, and safely transport it from point A to Point B. This option allows you to move items around the warehouse without the integration of MDR rollers

Are Warehouse Robots Safe?

When implemented correctly, warehouse robots or AMRs can help you improve the overall safety performance of your warehouse operation. AMRs carry loads that would be too heavy for humans to carry. When they are fitted with an appropriate top module, they eliminate the repetitive bending and stretching that loading and unloading packages can cause.

Unlike older style cart systems in warehouses that were known as AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) or AGC (Cart) systems, warehouse robots are much more intelligent. They don’t need any wires, targets or lasers shining down aisleways. Warehouse robots are the industrial versions of self driving cars.

Autonomous Mobile Robots bring that level of intelligence and autonomous operation to the factory floor today. They move their loads safely alongside production workers without the need for pre-programmed paths or routes. When obstacles appear in front of them, they quickly find alternate safe paths to the destination just like a self-driving car. Ultimation and the team at Nord Modules can provide perform as pre-project safety review for you at no cost.

Warehouse robot safety and conveyor system safety is the starting point for our discussions with every customer. All warehouse robot systems include advanced sensors and AI to react and avoid obstacles. They are designed to work in environments where people and moving equipment are in close proximity. The speed of the autonomous warehouse vehicles will change according to its safety conditions. Speeds are generally in the range of 3 – 6 mph (5-10 km/h) which matches typical warehouse walking speeds.

Why Choose Ultimation for Warehouse Robots?

We have served some of the largest manufacturers in the world, designing and building automation and conveyor equipment in facilities of all sizes. As a woman-owned enterprise with more than 30 years of experience, we are unique among our competitors. We can address your needs with complete turn-key service from start to finish. Our strategic alliance with Nord Modules for the market requirements of the Americas means that you have support globally.

For more information about any of our systems or to begin working with us,
contact one of our representatives today. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals can help you get started on a solution that meets your facility’s requirements.

Need help learning about other conveyor types, which types to use and how to specify them? This step by step guide will help.

We have served some of the largest manufacturers in the world, designing and building automation and conveyor equipment in facilities of all sizes. As a woman-owned enterprise with more than 30 years of experience, we are unique among our competitors. We can address your needs with complete turn-key service from start to finish.

Warehouse Robot FAQ

Some of the most common Warehouse Robots FAQ's are:

Are mobile robots in the warehouse safe?

With integrated technology, AMR robots have multiple sensors built into them to ensure safety in the workplace. AMRs can be made to stop immediately if any of their sensors are triggered that an item or person is in its way.

Do I have to change my entire warehouse floor plan to implement robotics?

In years past, warehouse robots required a path to navigate from point A to B, often using on the ground to read directions. With technology evolving, you can implement an AMR into your workplace without changing your entire warehouse. AMRs use integrated sensors to read their environment, making sure to avoid contact with humans and structures that are already in place. Once an AMR is mapped to the warehouse, it can make it from point A to point B on a single command, and maneuver over there without human interaction.

How can robots improve productivity?

Implementing robotics into the workplace can free up your employees from doing the tedious, time consuming assignments like moving items around the warehouse.

What is an AMR (Warehouse Robot?)

AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot. An AMR can understand commands and navigate through different work environments without being on a direct path or have an operator controlling its movement.


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