What are Warehouse Robots (AMRs)?

AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot. A mobile warehouse robot (or AMR) can understand commands and navigate through different work environments without being on a direct path or have an operator controlling its movement. The mobile robots work using integrated sensors to navigate through the workplace, avoiding contact with people, structures, racks, etc. Their goal is to make it from point A to point B as efficiently as possible while maintaining safety of the product it is moving around. Your company can find major productivity increase when pairing mobile warehouse robots with specific top modules and other conveyor systems.

What are AMR Top Modules?

An AMR top module is a component that works with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) to produce more efficiency in the workplace. Without top modules, the mobile robot will lack functionality in the workplace. Top modules can be quickly implemented to warehouse robots and can begin working for you in as little as 30 minutes!

Ultimation is partnering with Danish company Nord-Modules to bring their top modules to the United States. Nord top modules work with over 130 different AMRs that are currently on the market.