What is Industrial Automation Equipment?

Industrial Automation Equipment is a category of production equipment that is used to automatically perform some production operations. The types of equipment include industrial robots, automation cells, conveyors and special devices like lifters and turn-over machines. Industrial automation equipment is used heavily in the automotive, paint finishing, aerospace and handling industries.  

Industrial Automation Equipment Design

How much does Industrial Automation Cost?

We provide simple devices like gravity roller conveyors that are available for under $100 through to complete lines for special applications like automated truck tire and wheel assembly and inflation that can be part of systems of $1m or more. Because automation can be capital intensive, Ultimation advocates the use of scalable systems wherever possible. For example, an overhead conveyor could begin operation as a hand push trolley system, then become a motorized system and eventually a power and free conveyor could perform the same role with additional benefits.

The equipment shown on this page represents some of the special purpose machinery and industrial automation equipment systems built by Ultimation for various industries. 

Tire assembly automation line

Mounting Machine for Tires

Automated Vertical elevator for car bodies

Vertical Lifter for chassis at GM plant in Spring Hill

Assembly line automation system

Conveyor System Skilled – singing modulate at GM plant in Spring Hill

Industrial automation

Custom Automatic Sequencer Body at For Flatrock plant

Industrial Automation

Ford Hardware Storage Systems

Chassis turn over machine

Turn over machine for chassis at GM plant

What are the Types of Factory Automation Systems?

We design industrial automation equipment for automotive, trucks and handling industries. Our special machines can handle a few pounds up to 50 tons. Even if many of our machines perform a similar function, most of them have specific requirements define by the type of product being conveyed. Common requirements are:

Tesla automation equipment

  • Vertical lifters and lifters – for products
  • Loads from cartons to chassis of vehicles. Styles include screw lifters, two-way lifters and four-way lifters
  • Automatic fork transfers – lifting machine that include forks to lift products in and out conveyors, including vehicles
  • Rotating machines – machines to turn over products. Sizes up to 10,000lbs. for rotating machines of truck chassis
  • Stacking machines for pallets and tires
  • Storage and support systems for tools
  • All of our products utilize 3D CAD systems design, enabling you to review the machine before it is built. Whatever is your industrial automation equipment needs, contact Ultimation Industries LLC for a free consultation.