What are Food Conveyors?

Food conveyors are the powerhouse of the food and beverage processing industry. Food conveyors move foods and other organic materials through their processes safely and quickly. All at a fraction of the cost of manual labor the same task.  The term “food conveyor” covers a wide variety of systems ranging from roller, belts and dumpers. They cover anything used to move foods or organics through the manufacturing processes. Each system is customized and always developed to fit the needs of each project. It’s important to remember that just because it is a stainless steel conveyor that does not mean it meets all the food grade requirements.

Ultimation designs food conveyor systems to meet each application’s requirements and regulations. Unlike regular industrial conveyors, food conveyors and washdown conveyors have higher requirements. All must be easy to clean, maintain, and inspect. We design and specify the components, materials, and lubricants to meet FDA regulations. Food processing operations have very diverse requirements. We can guide you through the process and the choices necessary. Ultimation’s team has many years of experience in designing and installation of material handling systems. Our food conveyor equipment capabilities range from raw ingredients to packaged ready to eat products. We’ll handle the mechanical, electrical and lubrication systems. The end result is affordable, reliable food and sanitary conveyors that will last many years. Stainless steel conveyor systems are expensive, but we will help you optimize the value.