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Interroll LogoWhether you need a single part or Interroll conveyors for an entire distribution facility you are in the right place. Ultimation is one of the leading integrators for Interroll Roller Drive and Drum Motor products. We build and sell “plug and play” modular Interroll Conveyors and we have an extensive range of spare parts. Many of these parts are available for same-day shipping. Ultimation also sells the Interroll Portec and Flowmaster conveyor range and we have many parts available for these models.

Interroll conveyors all feature the latest energy efficient technology and their ability to start and stop automatically enables your warehouse to run efficiently and smoothly. Interroll Roller Drives are motorized conveyor rollers that can run on 24V or 48V DC power. They’re safe, fast and easy to install and maintain.

Ultimation is a leading distributor and certified under the “Rolling on Interroll” program as one of their closest technical and commercial partners. You can order online from our range or motors, motor controllers or ready to run conveyors. If you need help, we are only a phone call away and we answer each call with a live human operator.

Interroll Conveyors can be as simple as a modular 10 foot section with two or three automatic zones up to an entire warehouse. The heart of the system is the roller drive motor. Motors are connected to idler rollers via either belts, pulleys or chain. Sensors detect when products are ready to move, and motor controllers send the signals for the motors to run. It’s easy to implement an Interoll Conveyor application in your warehouse.

Models of Interroll Rollers and Roller Drives Available

The Interroll conveyor product range that Ultimation utilizes includes these popular components and models:

  • Ready to run 10′ sections of conveyor complete with motors, sensors, power supply and all other components
  • Interroll EC310 series roller drives
  • The new EC500 series roller drives
  • Interroll Drum Motors
  • Interroll Belt Conveyor and Belt Conveyor curves
  • MultiControl motor controllers

Many of the relevant Interroll technical materials can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the relevant downloads section on this page.

Interroll Drum Motors

A drum motor is a motorized pulley which is used to move conveyor belts or other types of belts. They include the motor and gearing and they are fully sealed. Because of the sealed system they are ideal for food grade and high hygiene conveyor systems. Ultimation can provide Interroll Drum Motors in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The Interroll 113s series of drum motors come in many sizes. Contact Ultimation for assistance.
Interroll Drum Motors

Common characteristics and applications are:

  • Great hygiene ratings
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Space saving power transmission system
  • Common uses include
    • Food processing
    • Pharmaceuticals conveyors and handling
    • Plastic Modular belt style belt conveyors
    • Packaging equipment

Compared with their roller drive or MDR equivalents, drum motors are generally larger diameter and use 230 or 480 volt power.

Interroll and Van der Graaf are both manufacturers of drum motors, which are electric motors that are designed to drive conveyor belts or other material handling equipment. A drum motor is a type of conveyor drive system that is self-contained and sealed within a cylindrical drum or casing. It consists of an electric motor, a gear reducer, and a drive pulley, all of which are contained within the drum.

The primary advantage of drum motors is that they are compact and can be easily integrated into conveyor systems. Because the drive components are all contained within the drum, there is no need for external gearboxes or other drive components. This makes them easy to install and maintain, and they can be used in a variety of applications where space is limited.

Interroll is a leading manufacturer of drum motors and other material handling equipment. They offer a wide range of drum motors in various sizes and power ratings to meet the needs of different applications.

Van der Graaf is another well-known manufacturer of drum motors and other material handling equipment. They offer a range of drum motors in different sizes and power ratings, as well as other products such as idlers, pulleys, and conveyor components.

Both Interroll and Van der Graaf are known for producing high-quality drum motors and other material handling equipment that are durable and reliable. They are commonly used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. If you need help in developing a replacement solution for a Van der Graaf drum motor application with an Interroll drum motor, Ultimation can assist you with everything you need.

Interroll Distributors and Interroll USA

Rolling On Interroll

Among Interroll’s global distributors, a select few are selected and recognized as “Rolling on Interroll” program partners. Ultimation is one of the leading distributors for Interroll USA and a member of the Interroll distributor program for Rolling on Interroll. We also have all Portec and Flowmaster models available.
This means that Ultimation meets their strict requirements and has the technical and commercial capability to integrate Interroll components into larger systems and warehouses.

For the modular Interroll conveyors that Ultimation sells for online sales, the high quality Interroll components are integrated into complete systems. These include all the necessary motors, controllers, sensors, idler rollers, frames and power supply necessary for ready to run conveyor modules.

What is the difference between the Interroll EC310 and EC5000 roller drives?

What’s more efficient than the already high efficiency EC310 series motor driven rollers? Interroll’s new EC5000 takes all the great features and extends and builds on the range

Interroll conveyorsThe new EC5000 series roller drives have these features:

  • 20 watt, 35 watt and 50 watt models available for more power choices
  • 24 volt and 48 volt versions
  • Multiple overload protection systems
  • Temperature monitoring

Building on the already excellent EC310 performance, the new EC5000 series motors promise even more reliability and flexibility.

Why buy Interroll Roller drives? You’re in good company.

The Interroll Group is the leading global provider of material handling solutions. The company was founded in 1959 and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1997. Interroll provides system integrators and OEMs with a wide range of platform-based products and services in these categories: Rollers (conveyor rollers), Drives (motors and drives for conveyor systems), Conveyors & Sorters as well as Pallet & Carton Flow (flow storage systems). Interroll solutions are in operation in express and postal services, e-commerce, airports, the food and beverage industry, fashion, automotive sectors, and many other manufacturing industries. Among the company’s end users are leading brands such as Amazon, Bosch, Coca-Cola, DHL, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Walmart and Zalando. Headquartered in Switzerland, they have a global network of 34 companies with turnover of around CHF 559.7 million and 2,400 employees (2019).

Interroll Modular Conveyors

Complementing Ultimation’s “click and buy” modular Interroll conveyor sections is the complete range of Interroll modules. We can configure and supply  these systems for entire warehouse applications. they are especially useful for very high speed distribution requirements.

Interroll Modular Components

Learn more about the wide range of modular components by downloading the PDF link on this page in the “downloads” section.

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