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Whether you are looking for replacement parts for your current Portec system or looking to design a Portec conveyor system in your workplace, we are the experts! Ultimation is one of the leading integrators for Interroll Portec equipment. We not only sell replacement parts for current systems, but we help build systems from scratch to optimize your workplace or integrate Portec into your current conveying set up.

Portec systems are a perfect solution for Airport Baggage, Parcel Handling, Distribution Centers, Food Grade Applications, Beverage and Wine, Vertical Farming, and many more. These Flomaster belt conveyor systems can handle small items to heavy items, and will move them throughout the workplace to where they need to go.

Ultimation is a leading distributor and certified under the “Rolling on Interroll” program as one of their closest technical and commercial partners. You can order online from our range or motors, motor controllers or ready to run conveyors. If you need help, we are only a phone call away and we answer each call with a live human operator.

Interroll Portec conveyors can be as simple as a straight belt conveyor to belt conveyors with curves and spirals. Curves can be used in ascending or descending applications to help minimize the footprint within a multi-tier warehouse. Portec also allows for merging and diverging, whether it is single chain or multichain.

Portec Belt Conveyors for Airports and Baggage Handling

Portec has over 50 years experience in building/designing powered belt conveyor curves. Their expertise with powered belt curves made them a clear choice for one of the biggest needs in airports, baggage handling conveyors. Did you know that 8 out of 10 of the biggest airports in the world utilize Portec Belt Conveyors? Portec belt conveyors are low maintenance and very durable, with belts known to last 10 years or longer. The belt strength that Portec provides makes it an easy choice for being the baggage handling conveyor that airports around the world trust. Portec utilizes a low tension belt system with loose belt technology and mechanical lacing to provide a longer life belt than its competitors. The speed and durability of Airport baggage handling conveyors will allow your luggage to pass through the facility quickly to get to and from the plane.

Maintaining your Airport conveyors – Why its important!

Like most products, Portec belt conveyors will require some maintenance over the years. The good news is that maintenance for baggage handling conveyors is very simple as well. If the belt begins to wear out, replacement belts can be reinstalled within minutes which avoids lengthy down times. The frame itself is made up of a few different components, and by removing them, you will then have access to the belt. By removing one small piece of the mechanical lacing, you are able to replace the entire belt.

What type of Portec System is best for you?

Portec conveyor systems have a wide product range that Ultimation utilizes including:

  • Belt Curves – available in curvatures ranging from 15 to 290 degrees. Heavy duty Flomaster belt curves are for high speed systems. This can be used in a flat application or can work on an ascend or descend.
  • Spiral Chute Master – A no maintenance way to descend products. These conveyors are made out of fiberglass and resemble a slide to allow for downward travel via gravity.
  • Spiral Lifts – The perfect solution for vertical transport when space is a factor. Similar to the Chute Master in looks, the spiral lift can range in radius while being able to keep product orientation through the lift/descend.
  • Merges/Diverges – Angle-flo and angle merge conveyors allow for conveyors to diverge and combine different conveyors. These types of conveyors allow for merging or diverging in a swift and efficient manner.

Many of the relevant Interroll technical materials can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the relevant downloads section on this page.

Interroll Distributors and Interroll USA

Rolling On Interroll

Among Interroll’s global distributors, a select few are selected and recognized as “Rolling on Interroll” program partners. Ultimation is one of the leading distributors for Interroll USA and a member of the Interroll distributor program for Rolling on Interroll. We also have all Portec and Flowmaster models available.
This means that Ultimation meets their strict requirements and has the technical and commercial capability to integrate Interroll components into larger systems and warehouses.

For the modular Interroll conveyors that Ultimation sells for online sales, the high quality Interroll components are integrated into complete systems. These include all the necessary motors, controllers, sensors, idler rollers, frames and power supply necessary for ready to run conveyor modules.

Interroll Modular Conveyors

Complementing Ultimation’s “click and buy” modular Interroll conveyor sections is the complete range of Interroll modules. We can configure and supply  these systems for entire warehouse applications. they are especially useful for very high speed distribution requirements.

Learn more about the wide range of modular components by downloading the PDF link on this page in the “downloads” section.

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