What are Motorized Roller Conveyor Systems?

Modern powered roller conveyor systems use motorized rollers mounted within the conveyor frames. They’re compact in size, quiet and safe with 24 volt DC power. As a result, motorized rollers have become the dominant type of conveyor system in use today.

Warehouses and distribution centers rely on these conveyors for fast, smooth package movement. Importantly, sensors and controls ensure packages don’t get damaged by crushing against each other.

24V Motorized Roller Conveyors – MDR Overview
Motorized roller conveyors are a great choice for energy efficiency, low noise and easy maintenance. Use the abbreviation MDR (motorized driven roller) conveyors to refer to them.
MDR conveyors handle a multitude of products such as:
  • Packages
  • Tote Bins
  • Pallets
  • Tires
  • Cartons
  • Any product that will move on a roller conveyor

Ultimation is one of the leading manufacturers of motorized roller conveyor systems. We use the two leading brands; Itoh Denki is Japanese technology and Int