Itoh Denki Motorized Roller Conveyor

24V Motorized Roller Conveyors – MDR

Motorized roller conveyors are an excellent choice when energy efficiency, quiet operation and ease of maintenance are primary considerations. Sometimes they are known as MDR (motorized driven roller conveyors or “motor driven roller conveyors”). MDR conveyors will be found handling a multitude of products such as bags, batteries, glass, tires and consumable goods and parcels. Ultimation is one of the leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of motorized roller conveyor systems using the Itoh Denki range of motorized conveyor rollers. These motorized rollers are extremely compact and have outstanding durability. By using one or more motorized rollers per zone, a motorized roller conveyor enables “zero pressure accumulation” (ZPA) movement of parts on the conveyor. In a zero pressure accumulation situation, parts continue moving along the MDR conveyor until they get close to (but do not touch) the product unit in front. Therefore there are no gaps in the assembly line. The MDR conveyor system has its own built in logic cards which automatically manage turning each zone on and off. This reduces programming and commissioning time. For more information on the motors used in a motorized roller conveyor and  motorized roller technology in general, please visit http://itohdenki.com/

Cutaway of Itoh Denki 24V DC motorized conveyor roller

Why Use Motorized Roller Conveyors?

Itoh Denki Motorized roller conveyors saves space by eliminating traditional power transmission components, plus multiple lines can be tiered up to take less vertical space. The quiet operation and space saving features make the MDR conveyor very versatile. Transportation and zero pressure accumulation are two typical applications of MDR and with the “Run on Demand” feature, the rollers are off when no product is detected which results in saving energy. These motors are sometimes known as drum motors or roller drive motors, and when used to control zones they are suited for zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveying.

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Technical Specifications:

Depending upon the conveying application, different controls and accessories are available to meet the needs. Optional control cards make the MDR extremely versatile for different accumulation activities along with slug and cascade release. Load capacity can range from a few pounds to thousands of pounds per motorized zone. Some typical MDR specifications are shown below, with many more combinations available:

  • 15” – 60” between frame widths (i.e. the width of the conveyor)
  • Speeds ranging from 25 feet per minute (FPM) up to 200 FPM max speed. Please contact technical support for more information.
  • 24 VDC brushless motor or 120/240 V AC motors
  • Roller spacing 3” up to 6″ roller centers
  • Zero pressure accumulation with 18”, 24” or 30” or longer driven zones as part of a motorized roller conveyor
  • Variable speeds and reversible motion
  • Powder coat finishes and galvanized material available

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Common Industries and Applications: