We are the Itoh Denki Conveyor Experts

Whether you need a single part or Itoh Denki conveyors for an entire distribution facility we can help you. Ultimation is a leading integrator for Itoh Denki motors, or power mollers as they are sometimes called. We build and sell “plug and play” modular Itoh Denki Conveyors and we have an extensive range of spare parts. Many of these parts are available for same-day shipping.

Itoh Denki conveyors all feature the latest energy efficient technology and their ability to start and stop automatically enables your warehouse to run efficiently and smoothly. Itoh Power Mollers are motorized conveyor rollers that can run on 24V or 230V AC power. They’re safe, fast and easy to install and maintain.

Ultimation is a leading distributor of these systems and one of Itoh Denki’s closest technical and commercial partners. You can order online from our range or motors, motor controllers or ready to run conveyors. If you need help, our sales team are only a phone call away and we answer each call with a live human operator.

Itoh Denki Conveyors can be as simple as a modular 10 foot section with two or three automatic zones up to an entire warehouse. The heart of the system is the roller drive motor. Motors are connected to idler rollers via either belts, pulleys or chain. Sensors detect when products are ready to move, and motor controllers send the signals for the motors to run. It’s easy to implement an Itoh Denki Conveyor application in your warehouse.

Models of Itoh Denki Motorized Rollers and Roller Power Mollers Available

The Itoh Denki conveyor product range that Ultimation utilizes includes these popular components and models:

  • Ready to run 10′ sections of conveyor complete with motors, sensors, power supply and all other components
  • Itoh Denki PM486FE series motorized rollers – the 24V workhorse of the family
  • The AC models PM570AU which have special features designed for continuous accumulation systems
  • HB510P Drive Cards which are used for motor control
  • The CB 016S7 drive cards
  • Network ready ib-e03B drive cards
  • You can also find Itoh Denki catalogs and CB-016S7 user manuals and others

Many of the relevant Itoh Denki technical materials and manuals can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the relevant downloads section on this page.