STEM College Students – Earn a scholarship!

Each year Ultimation Industries, LLC awards a scholarship to students enrolled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs in accredited undergraduate and graduate programs. The scholarship is a merit based award of $1,500 per year for the most innovative idea in a material handling area selected each year by Ultimation Industries, LLC.

Truck loading

2024 Scholarship Focus Area – Automated Loading and Unloading for Semi-Trucks and Trailers

The 2024 scholarship will again be awarded to a student that can demonstrate innovative systems and ideas for the use of conveyors within automated loading and unloading for semi-trucks and trailers. Automated truck loading systems (ATLS) are the first link, as well as the last link, in a 100% automated supply chain.

Although there is no “standard” system for ATLS due to the fact that each solution must be custom-tailored to the type of truck, dock, goods, and more; there are typically “main components” to keep in mind. Skid positioning, fork extension, truck modification (required for unloading), dock modification, and automated conveyor systems (such as chain driven live roller conveyors) are just a few of the main considerations when designing an ATLS.

Automated truck loading systems offer a variety of advantages and benefits such as increased productivity, increased operator safety, protecting products/goods, and more.

Submissions may be accepted in both written and graphic form. 


  • Scholarships are only awarded to students enrolled in accredited U.S. colleges or universities
  • Students must be enrolled in and majoring in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Match) discipline
  • Students must be high school graduates and may be asked to provide transcripts and proof of high school diploma
  • Students must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents of the United States and may be asked to provide proof of residence
  • The scholarship is only open to undergraduate and graduate students. High School students are not eligible
  • Employees and children of employees of Ultimation Industries, LLC are not eligible to win

Deadline and Award Process

All entries must be received by December 15, 2024. Winners will be notified by January 16, 2025. The winners will be selected based on the quality of the submission in relation to the scholarship focus area. The panel selecting the winner is comprised of employees of Ultimation Industries, LLC. All materials submitted become the property of Ultimation Industries, LLC. Our committee reserves the right to verify the accuracy of any information received or obtained related to the applicant.

Are you located outside the USA?

Please do not submit an application. Unfortunately you will not be considered for this scholarship opportunity.