Tire Assembly Machine Manufacturing

Tire assembly machine

Truck Tire Assembly Machine and Caption

We are one of the world’s most experienced tire and wheel assembly companies that manufactures high volume passenger car, light commercial and heavy truck tire mounting and inflation equipment. Our technology includes many patented machines and processes which reflect Ultimation’s deep knowledge of tire mounting techniques and industrial automation equipment.

What is a tire assembly machine:

Our tire conveyor and assembly machine can be described as a single station compact machine and truck tire mount that uses a single station sliding platen to pick up wheel and tire sets and transfer them into its work station for mounting and inflation for passenger cars and light commercial vehicle tires. It can also be used as a two station machine for commercial trucks and tractors.


Tire Assembly Machine Features:

    • Smallest footprint to maximize available line side space; also suitable for low volume application
    • Cycle time as fast as 15 seconds per assembly for passenger cars and 30 seconds or less for trucks
    • Handles tire/wheel diameter in any three consecutive sizes
    • Maintenance-friendly design
    • Compatible with all TPM systems
    • Full data retention / quality assurance record keeping
    • Fully automatic and semi-automatic models available
    • Gentle assembly using controlled torque eliminates damage to low profile and run-flat tires

Tractor tire mounting machine

Tire Assembly Machine Specifications:

  • Free standing or attached main electrical panels with PLC processors
  • Inflation pressure +/- 3 psi for cars and +/- 5psi for trucks

Video of a truck tire assembly and inflation machine in action: