Conveyor Technologies and Automation

Ultimation Industries LLC has been a leader in the conveyor technologies and automation business for nearly 30 years and has grown to become one of the major conveyor manufacturers in USA. The core of the company’s capability is built around conveyor technologies and automation systems. Ultimation was founded in 1988, and the company has a long and successful history of servicing customers in the United States, Latin America and Europe. Ultimation’s executive leadership team are conveyor technologies experts. We have decades of experience designing and building assembly line equipment that never stops working. Click on these links for more information on our different products:

Company History and Key Events

  • Our first tire processing line supplied in 1990 for Volvo
  • Exports began to Nissan in Mexico in 1992, followed by Goodyear (Europe)
  • Expanded relationship with GM as preferred supplier – 1998
  • Added extension and additional floor space to Roseville, MI facility in 2000
  • Acquired in 2011 by Jacqueline Canny, name changed to Ultimation Industries LLC; WBENC certified as women-owned business
  • Entered into strategic alliance with Daifuku Webb and expansion to South America in 2012 with major Ford Motor Company contract for overhead conveyor systems
  • Diversification to military business with supply of conveyor system to US Navy – 2013
  • Recognized in 2013 by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder as one of Michigan’s fastest growing exporters
  • Acquired larger facilities and expanded in Roseville, Michigan in 2015
  • Expanded light duty conveyor systems range and commenced online “quick ship” e-commerce sales in 2016
  • Diversification into indoor vertical farming overhead conveyors and food safe grade systems – 2018
  • Expanded with additional nearby Roseville facility space – 2019
  • Recognized as one of Metro Detroit’s “Best and Brightest” Places to Work and Finalist for Amazon Small Business of the Year (women-owned) – 2019

See and review your power conveyor system before it's built

See and review your conveyor design before it’s built!

Our 3D design technology allows us to build and test our trolley conveyor systems in a ‘virtual’ factory. We can check the ergonomics of loading and unloading, confirm loads and throughput rates, and let you see how your conveyor will look and perform before it’s built. Here are some examples of the digital ‘virtual’ conveyor systems and the real thing after the conveyor is built:

virtual verification before your conveyor system is built

Need help learning about other conveyor types, which types to use and how to specify them? This step by step guide will help.