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Interroll’s new modular pallet conveyor platform MPP is a flexible, adaptable, and versatile solution for handling pallets. The MPP provides the ideal basis for creating a multifaceted storage and conveyor solution for several different kinds of applications. Keeping in mind the importance of minimizing transportation times between production and picking areas, or goods receipt and goods issue or storage, Interroll aims to automate these processes for high efficiency with the MPP series.

Interroll’s MPP series includes several different modular section options, such as infeed conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, transfers, turntables, and more. There are also a wide range of accessories available for the MPP series including, but not limited to; end stops, feeding chutes, side guides, sensor holders, and supports.

Interroll’s Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) – Optimizing Distribution

Interroll’s modular pallet conveyor platform (MPP) includes several different modules that are all specifically engineered to streamline and optimize your warehousing and distribution efforts. From infeed conveyors and turntables to transfers and stacker cranes, the MPP series has many different options designed to increase efficiency.

Infeed Conveyors

With a maximum load capacity of 2,645lbs (1,200kg) for each storage slot, the PM9740 infeed conveyor is suited for horizontal infeed and delivery of pallets. Interroll’s Pallet Drive (which handles the drive of the rollers on the infeed conveyor) omits the need for laterally attached motors which results in saving space and increased operational safety.

Roller Conveyors and Chain Conveyors

Available in driven and non-driven versions and designed for horizontal transport of pallets. Interroll engineered these conveyors so that the rollers can be quickly relocated thanks to the frame design and tangential drive principle. The rigid frame serves as a side guide, and the drive can be installed on either the left or right side. The conveyor supports are adjustable, ideal for settings where there may be floor may not be level. The chain conveyors are available with two or three chain runs. A duplex precision roller chain with straight links is used as the transport chain for each transport chain, guided within a plastic chain guide. Interroll recommends using a chain conveyor with three chain runs when transporting weights of more than 2,204lbs (1,000kg), bulk cargo, bagged materials, or pallets of poor quality.

Roller Transfers and Chain Transfers

Transfers are used for a 90° change of direction. The standard roller transfers have the roller conveyor drive positioned on the right side, but are also available with an option to have the conveyor drive positioned on the left of the track in the direction of travel. The force of the roller transfer is transmitted via 5/8″ x 3/8″ precision roller chain. When it comes to the chain transfers, just like the chain conveyors, each chain run is designed with a duplex precision roller chain with straight links used as a transport chain. Compact transfer to the adjacent conveyor is possible to a low deflection radius of 1.69″ (43mm). Designed with an integrated tensioning station with a 180° wrap, this allows for hassle free re-tensioning. The parallel lift is supported with maintenance-free ball bearings, severely reducing downtimes.


Used for changing direction or for turning pallets, the turntables in Interroll’s MPP series are capable of making any turn between 0° and 360°. The turning motion is efficient, using a precision roller chain, with drive transmitted from a sprocket that is connected directly to the motor shaft itself. The drive chain can be easily re-tensioned thanks to Interroll’s design which places the chain tensioning station of the rollers on the outside of the turntable itself. Just like the other modules found in the MPP series, the drive of the conveyor can be installed on the right side, or optionally on the left side in the direction of travel.

Stacker Crane

Interroll’s Stacker Crane is an excellent solution for automated pallet handling systems. This stacker crane may be the missing link if you are looking for a highly dynamic flow storage system capable of achieving an incredibly high pallet turnover, all while optimally utilizing the horizontal and vertical space available. Passages for forklifts have been completely omitted in the stacker crane’s design; the lightweight construction, as well as the energy recovery design, all help make this module very energy efficient. Equipped with a roller conveyor which can store and remove pallets in less than four seconds, and designed with 180° sensors to inspect whether the pick-up station is empty, the stacker crane assists with avoiding damages to your goods, or the system itself. Even at a speed of up to 118 inches per second (3 meters per second), the integrated braking system and lifting speed control ensure a very high level of safety.

Transfer Car

Ideal for loading and unloading pallets at picking stations, pallet storage slots, branch tracks, and Interroll dynamic flow storage racks; the MPP transfer cards can achieve speeds of up to 196 inches per second (5 meters per second). These speeds allow large distances to be covered reliably and quickly, but most important of all, safely. The transfer car itself only weighs 606lbs (275 kg) and does not require a movable control cabinet for the electrical connection. Specifically designed for the combination with Interroll’s flow storage systems, the energy supply of this transfer car is provided via bus bar, with lateral and adjustable guide rollers at the transfer carriages for directional stability, even at the high speed of 196 inches per second.

Learn more about the wide range of modular pallet conveyor components by downloading the PDF link on this page in the “downloads” section.

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Among Interroll’s global distributors, a select few are selected and recognized as “Rolling on Interroll” program partners. Ultimation is one of the leading distributors for Interroll USA and a member of the Interroll distributor program for Rolling on Interroll. We also have all Portec and Flowmaster models available.
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For the modular Interroll conveyors that Ultimation sells for online sales, the high quality Interroll components are integrated into complete systems. These include all the necessary motors, controllers, sensors, idler rollers, frames and power supply necessary for ready to run conveyor modules.

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