Conveyor Roller Covers – Overview

Conveyor roller covers have many application uses from light manufacturing to heavy duty conveyor systems, and come in a variety of materials and textures. From soft urethane, vinyl and hard plastic. They are used for reducing noise levels, cushioning your product, providing traction, reduce scratching and marking, and moving your product down the line when your rollers have come to a stop.

Use conveyor roller covers for:

  • Noise reduction
  • Cushioning delicate products
  • Providing traction for incline/declines
  • Movement of product when rollers stop
  • Reduce marring and scratching of product

Materials Available:

Depending upon the product, and conveyor needs, choose from polyurethane, vinyl and UHMW roller covers:

  • Urethane – Orange (soft, flexible, tight fit): Traction for inclines, food transfer lines
  • Vinyl – Black (soft, flexible, tight fit): Chemical resistance, corrosive areas
  • UHMW – Black (Hard, Non-flexible, loose fit): Cover keeps product moving when rollers stop

conveyor roller covers

Roller Cover Installation and dimensions

The soft flexible urethane and vinyl covers are a tight fit that install with the use of an air tool for sliding the cover on the conveyor roller. The harder non flexible UHMW roller cover is a loose fit that has an inner dimension diameter that is 1/8″ bigger than the roller for a slip on, loose fit. Roller covers come in 5′ lengths (+/- .25″), and cut easily to the roller length you require. (Cover only. Conveyor roller not included).

The inside dimensions of the Polyurethane slip on roller cover is slightly smaller than the outside dimension of the metal roller to provide a tight fit. Using a sleeve installation air gun tool the roller cover pushes on the metal roller for a tight fit. Always use personal protective equipment including items such as gloves, safety glasses, and ear plugs.

Other options for conveyor roller covers

Ultimation has you covered for roller covers. You can buy roller cover material in lengths of 5′ sections and cut them to length and install them yourselve. Industrial customers can order in 10′ and 20′ lengths. We also sell roller covers pre-cut to the required length for various conveyor roller sizes, and we also sell many of our gravity conveyors with pre-installed roller covers.

Roller conveyor with roller covers

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