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Modularity and flexibility are the key factors in Interroll’s design for the MCP series. Each pre-assembled module in the MCP series delivers solid technical performance as well as reliability. The three standard widths allow you to mix and match different modules into a conveyor solution while keeping the expenses low and your spare parts list minimal. Tailored to your application needs, these conveyor modules create the most efficient solution for each conveying task. Use DC RollerDrives in these systems to implement ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation) conveying or use the DC drives in conjunction with roller conveyors with 400V flat belt drives for higher performance. Interroll decided to completely omit pneumatics from the MCP design to keep each module economic and inexpensive when compared to most modular conveyor platforms.

The modular concept of the MCP systems makes planning simple if changes or expansions to the system are required. These individual modules perfectly match and can be easily combined with one another. The pre-assembled nature of these modules speeds up the on-site installation time. With independent adjustable side guides, integrated electrical conduits, universally applicable master gauge for holes to attach add-ons, adjustable supports, and more; Interroll designed the MCP modules with these details in mind to make the installation process as quick and easy as possible.

With a very wide selection of modules to choose from, the MCP platform offers a variety of different key elements so that the perfect material flow system can be planned economically and efficiently. The extensive testing process of these conveyor modules ensures reliable operation, as well as reducing the overall maintenance effort.

The Different Conveyor Families in Interroll’s MCP Series

Interroll’s Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) offers mix-and-match solutions across several different conveyor types; 24V roller conveyors, 400V roller conveyors, belted conveyors, and key sorting elements.

24V Roller Conveyor Family – MCP Modules

The 24V roller conveyor family of straights, curves, and merges offers some of the highest energy efficiency available on the market for unit-load handling such as totes, crates, boxes, and more. With maximum safety due to low voltage and low-noise operation, it’s easy to see why this technology is a key element towards improving the working environment for operators.  Also available as non-driven conveyors, where manual intervention or gravity can assist with moving the unit loads.

Module Types

  • Straights: A 24V RollerDrive connected to idlers via PolyVee belts drives each zone, offering conveying speeds of up to 3.3 ft/s (1 m/s) for unit loads of 77lbs (35kg), all with zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) thanks to the internal control of the conveyor section.
  • Curves: Used to change the direction of the transport of materials, these curves maintain the alignment of the material within the side frames using tapered rollers. Just like the 24V straight conveyor modules, the internal control allows for transportation in zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) mode.
  • Merges: The MCP 24V Merge is used to merge two conveyor lines together using the gaps in the flow. When used in conjunction with the high-performance diverts (HPD), these merges can divert products from a straight path.

24V System Benefits

  • 24V conveyors with zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) operations offer some of the highest energy-efficiency rates found on the market, with up to 50% energy savings.
  • Roller-Drives result in lower operating costs and improved work environments, thanks to the low-noise operation (< 60 dBA), when compared to systems utilizing pneumatics.
  • Low-voltage drive systems, such as the 24V system, reduce the risk of work-related injury.
  • Quick and easy replacement of rollers with mounting clips, as well as operator-friendly top mounting, make maintenance simple. Interroll offers an innovative fixing structure as an option which ensures the RollerDrives can be replaced seamlessly and effortlessly if the conveyor lines are positioned close together.

400V Roller Conveyor Family – MCP Modules

Offering the highest performance in ZPA and transportation modes, the 400V Roller Conveyor is driven by a flat belt. This 400V Roller Conveyor is perfect when heavier unit loads are to be conveyed, or when higher throughput levels are required. Easily integrate diverts and transfers for sorting operations due to the modular design. The straight, curve, and divert/merge modules can be used as stand-alone elements or combined to create a comprehensive conveyor solution. Also available as non-driven conveyors, where manual intervention or gravity can assist with moving the unit loads.

Module Types

  • Straights: The permanently driven flat belt conveyor requires only one 400V drive for distances up to 66ft (20m) and is used as a transport conveyor. Speeds of up to 6.6 ft/s (2 m/s) can be obtained for unit loads of up to 110lbs (50 kg) in transportation mode. The conveyor can also be completely (or partially) operated as a zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) conveyor using add-on actuators that are operated with 24V drives and Interroll’s controls.
  • Curves: Used to change the direction of the transport of materials, these curves maintain the alignment of the material within the side frames using tapered rollers driven by a flat belt. Curve elements of the flat belt roller conveyors are always driven by the adjacent straight module.
  • Merges: The 400V Merge connects the side roller modules to the main line at an angle (30° or 45°). These Merges are often used for infeeding unit loads or used for discharging through the High-Performance Divert.

400V System Benefits

  • The 400V Roller Conveyor modules offer high system flexibility with the ability to adapt from transportation mode to zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) through an easy system retrofit.
  • No special tools are necessary to replace rollers due to the simple mounting clip. This operator-friendly design allows for fast and easy replacement of rollers in a flash.
  • High conveying speeds of 6.6 ft/s (2 m/s) can be achieved in transportation mode, resulting in a shorter cycle time thanks to the incredibly high throughput.

24V Roller Conveyor

400V Roller Conveyor


Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) Mode

Transportation Mode

Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) Mode *

Max. Conveying Speed:

3.3 feet per second

(1 meter per second)

6.6 feet per second

(2 meters per second)

Max. Load Capacity:

77 pounds

(35 kilograms)

110 pounds

(50 kilograms)

*Using add-on actuators operated with 24V drives and Interroll’s controls

Belt Conveyor Family – MCP Modules

Interroll’s belt conveyor is the perfect solution for conveying goods that are not suitable for roller conveyors, or where conveyor lines need inclines and declines (up to 16°). Powered by either gear motors or high-efficiency drum motors, these belt conveyors are available in three standard widths. Interroll also offers “light” versions of these belt conveyors with 24V drive technology for transport and zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) operation of low weight loads.

Module Types

  • Straights: Available for horizontal, inclines (“power feeder”), and declines (“nose-over”); the belt conveyors feature a very low top-of-belt height which is ideal for multi-level conveyor systems. These modules can handle load capacities of up to 1,213lbs (550kg) and can guarantee efficient operation for speeds up to 8.2 ft/s (2.5 m/s) for loads of 110lbs (50kg).
  • Curves: This Belt Curve has been designed for mixed materials with a wide variety of compositions. Featuring a safe, positive drive concept, top-of-belt height measuring only 5.9” (160mm), and noise emission of less than 64 dBA; this belt curve is one of the quietest on the market. Each of the MCP Belt Curves has an automatic belt tension device for quick and easy replacement of the belt without having to remove the motor.
  • Merges: Interroll’s MCP Belt Merge is a belt conveyor with angled connecting edge available in 30° and 45°. These Belt Merges allow for the merging of two conveyor lines according to the angle. When paired with sorting elements, these Belt Merges can also separate conveyor flows. The series of small belt strips found on these Belt Merges are available in widths of 3.5” (90mm) and 1.6” (40mm) for incredibly small loads.

Belt Conveyor System Benefits

  • Quick and easy belt replacement from the top helps eliminate maintenance downtime during day-to-day operations, no need to tear down support stands or open the side profiles.
  • Incredible product throughput levels of up to 8.2 ft/s (2.5 m/s) can be achieved in horizontal straights, inclines, and curves; resulting in a reduced cycle time.
  • Combine 400V and 24V belt conveyors to optimize your operating costs based on the conveying task.

Key Sorting Elements – MCP Modules

Planning, design, and installation are some of the most important purchase decision criteria when it comes to flexible solutions. Transfers, diverts, lifts, stops, and other key sorting elements are key in the expansion and connection of conveyor lines. Interroll’s sorting elements below can combine with roller and belt conveyors; each realize basic conveying functions such as lifting, lowering, distributing, and stopping loads. These elements are often critical in the planning of your system’s layout as the sorting performance has a huge impact on the system’s throughput.

Module Types

  • High-Performance Divert: Interroll’s High-Performance Divert (HDP) is used for discharging unit loads at different angles, to the left or right in a lateral conveyor line. The HDP does not interrupt material flow, and therefore is suitable for high throughput operations. When discharging at a 90° angle, the product still maintains its orientation depending on the operating mode, or it can be turned by 90°. This High-Performance Divert is a stand-alone cassette, meaning it always has a length of 4.7” (120mm), the equivalent of two roller rows, but is available in several widths to match the width of the conveyor in which it is being installed. If required, multiple cassettes can be arranged sequentially. Available in three different drive variants; HPD 24V Master consisting of 24V drives, HPD 400V Master consisting of a combination of 400V and 24V drive systems, and a HPD Slave, which does not include a drive unit.
  • 24V Transfers: The 24V Transfer performs sorting operations such as infeeding and discharging unit loads from a roller conveyor at an angle of 90°. These Transfers change the orientation and direction of the flow of goods, turning long-way transportation into cross-way transportation (or the other way around). Incorporate these Transfers at any position of the conveyor line, and easily reposition the Transfers without any headache.

Key Sorting Element Benefits

  • “On-The-Fly” mode with throughput levels of up to 3,600 pieces per hour make sure that divert and transfer points don’t become bottlenecks in your system.
  • Belt transfer modules and HPD cassette modules can be repositioned or added inside conveyor lines quickly through an incredibly simple process, resulting in minimal downtime when re-arranging or expanding the system.
  • Interroll designed these key sorting modules as true plug-and-play elements, meaning that on-site intervention and maintenance require a lot less time than alternative systems.
  • One single drive unit can drive multiple HPD cassettes (slave versions), which results in better energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Learn more about the wide range of modular components by downloading the PDF link on this page in the “downloads” section.

Interroll Distributors and Interroll USA

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Among Interroll’s global distributors, a select few are selected and recognized as “Rolling on Interroll” program partners. Ultimation is one of the leading distributors for Interroll USA and a member of the Interroll distributor program for Rolling on Interroll. We also have all Portec and Flowmaster models available.
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For the modular Interroll conveyors that Ultimation sells for online sales, the high quality Interroll components are integrated into complete systems. These include all the necessary motors, controllers, sensors, idler rollers, frames and power supply necessary for ready to run conveyor modules.

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