Tire and Wheel Conveyor Equipment

tire and wheel conveyor
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Tire and wheel conveyor systems have some unique challenges due to the nature of the product being conveyed. Through decades of accumulated experience, Ultimation’s engineering team have created innovative solutions for most all tire and wheel conveyor situations. We have solutions for high volume assembly plants processing thousands of wheel/tire assemblies per day down to lower volume applications for lower volume and specialty niche producers.

tire and wheel conveyor

Tire and wheel conveyor used for GM Spring Hill assembly

Specialty tire and wheel trailer conveyor systems

Ultimation designs and builds specialty tire and wheel trailer conveyor systems for conveying tire and wheel assemblies to the docks at the final assembly plant location. When tire and wheel assembly is outsourced, on-time delivery of tires and wheels to the assembly line is a major logistics challenge. Ultimation’s tire and wheel trailer conveyor systems are in service at Ford and GM assembly plants. Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI recently took delivery of a new system for the all-new F-150.

tire and wheel conveyor trailer

Tire mounting machines

TireWheel2-smUltimation has a number of patents related to wheel and tire mounting equipment which mean that our machines are more reliable, smaller and have higher quality output than comparable systems. Equipment is available in various sizes and configurations for all applications types. Let us show you the various options available…

Soaping machines

Applying the exact amount of soaping solution in the right locations is critical for optimal performance and safety of the vehicle. Our patented machines have high process capability.

Power roller wheel and tire conveyors

Moving wheel and tires using advanced conveyor systems is one of our core capabilities. Let us show you the various options available.

Need help learning about other conveyor types, which types to use and how to specify them? This step by step guide will help.


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“Ultimation’s strongest trait was the ability to complete the installation on time, within budget and with no safety incidents to personal or collateral damage to equipment during the installation.  They were instrumental in keeping the crew motivated during the arduous installation and they worked second shift in order to meet SWRMC’s production schedule.

I enjoyed working with the Ultimation installation Crew and am happy to be able to provide this recommendation. I have great respect for Ultimation as a Company and as professionals and am confident that Ultimation will continue to exhibit positive performance in the business Industry.”

Felisa A. ParquetUnited States Navy

“You guys have really delivered for me on this project. I will be sure to include you for any future work that we do.”

Kulwinder GillJohnson Controls Inc.

“I have worked with Ultimation’s executives from the 1970’s until I retired from GM. I’ve always considered them incredibly knowledgeable in the Tire/wheel and conveyor business.”

Will KortrykGeneral Motors

“You’re a great team to work with. We really appreciate your good work!”

James Gacek, ManagerVolvo Heavy Truck (retired)

“We’ve worked through tough times together in the past, and we intend to work through them again. Your support has helped make us highly respected in the industry today.”

Wes Paisley, PresidentDearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co.