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Conveyor Manufacturers – Automated Conveyor Systems

If moving products is a challenge for your business, Ultimation has the answer. We’ve been one of the leading conveyor manufacturers for 30+ years. We provide automated conveyor systems that take the pain out of lifting, carrying and storage, helping employees avoid injuries and increase productivity. Conveyors can simplify vehicle loading and unloading and reduce product damage from accidental damage. Our conveyors can even provide part storage buffers at the point of use, pass through ovens or supply parts to and from robots. Conveyors just make everything easier.

Our name, Ultimation was born from the vision that we could become the “Ultimate in Automation”. We work with all major industrial conveyor manufacture product types and can supply standard equipment or equipment engineered for specific applications. We also design, engineer and install specialized automation equipment that works with and alongside your existing conveyors. Need help learning about conveyors, which types to use and how to specify them? This step by step guide will help.

Conveyor Systems and Parts

We’re both an automated conveyor systems manufacturer and a conveyor parts distributor and integrator. We offer our own systems as well as integrated solutions from many conveyor companies and conveyor belt suppliers for service and repair of belt, roller and gravity conveyors.

These can be purchased through our online store. Our “quick ship” material handling products include:

  • Belt conveyors
  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Gravity flowrail and skatewheel conveyors
  • Powered roller conveyors
  • Beam trolleys and I beam tracks
  • Jervis B Webb overhead conveyors

No Customer is Too Big or Small

Ultimation Industries, LLC works with companies as big as the leading automotive OEMs and as small as the shop that needs a simple roller conveyor. Based in Roseville, Michigan, we supply automated conveyor systems and other handling and industrial automation equipment to companies across North and South America. Our engineering team can handle design, build and installation of systems throughout the Americas. Regardless of whether you need roller conveyor, chain conveyor, belt conveyors or any kind of conveyor machine we have the types of conveyors that you might need!

Enterprise Capabilities

Large manufacturing operations have neither the time or resources to piecemeal a complex factory conveyor or automation system. That’s why we offer an enterprise service. By working with conveyor manufacturer Jervis B. Webb, we can handle every aspect of the project — from planning and design to manufacturing and installation.

When developing a handling system for a large factory, there’s no room for error. There’s a tight time slot for installation and every component must go together exactly as needed.

Conveyors Designed and Made in USA

To ensure projects run smoothly, we can create a virtual factory using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. By incorporating 3D models from our own equipment and the other conveyor manufacturers we work with, we can evaluate alternative layouts, assess ergonomics and consider installation approaches. We can even show our customers renderings of near photograph-like images of what their conveyor system will look like before it gets built. That allows for new ideas and improvements that would not otherwise be considered. Nearly all our end products and components are made in the USA.

Small Business Support

Not every customer is an automotive or defense giant. As a versatlie conveyor company, we work with businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Wherever there’s a handling problem, we can offer a solution.

To make purchasing easier, our online store carries a range of quick-ship products from Ultimation’s product range as well as various other assembly line conveyor manufacturers. Whether you need a gravity roller conveyor to slide packages into position or a belt system to raise the product to a higher floor, you’ll find it on our site. If you don’t see what you want, just call or email us. With our in-depth knowledge of conveyor belt manufacturers, we can help find what you need.

Experienced and Friendly Conveyor Manufacturers

Ultimation Industries, LLC was established to serve the material handling needs of businesses large and small. We’re a woman-owned conveyor manufacturing company that’s been selling and installing conveyors for 30-plus years. Inevitably, during that time, we’ve learned a lot about solving handling problems. We know all the leading manufacturers in automated conveyor systems and have partnerships that let us take on turn-key installations, but we still welcome opportunities to work with the smallest businesses. We’re one of the leading conveyor manufacturers in the USA and we export to many global locations.


“Ultimation’s strongest trait was the ability to complete the installation on time, within budget and with no safety incidents to personal or collateral damage to equipment during the installation.  They were instrumental in keeping the crew motivated during the arduous installation and they worked second shift in order to meet SWRMC’s production schedule.

I enjoyed working with the Ultimation installation Crew and am happy to be able to provide this recommendation. I have great respect for Ultimation as a Company and as professionals and am confident that Ultimation will continue to exhibit positive performance in the business Industry.”

“You guys have really delivered for me on this project. I will be sure to include you for any future work that we do.”

“I have worked with Ultimation’s executives from the 1970’s until I retired from GM. I’ve always considered them incredibly knowledgeable in the Tire/wheel and conveyor business.”

“You’re a great team to work with. We really appreciate your good work!”

“We’ve worked through tough times together in the past, and we intend to work through them again. Your support has helped make us highly respected in the industry today.”

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