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Ultimation –
Assembly line Conveyors and Equipment

Welcome to Ultimation Industries LLC, a woman-owned leading company in assembly line conveyors and equipment. We design, manufacture and install automation equipment and assembly conveyors for assembly facilities of all sizes.

Our customers represent the world’s leading manufacturing organizations. We have detailed working experience of building to most major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) specifications as a tier 1 or tier 2 supplier. When you need assembly line equipment and conveyors with high reliability, quality and performance, Ultimation has the solutions for you. Through our strategic alliance with Jervis B. Webb company we are able to offer turn-key assembly line conveyors for manufacturers across a variety of industry sectors that uniquely address your needs.

We’ve been a leading assembly line manufacturer for 30 years, and we design, manufacture and install production line equipment like assembly fixtures, automation devices, and conveyors. Ultimation has a specialized range of high volume tire and wheel assembly processing lines, with equipment including tire mounting machines, soaping machines and complete wheel and tire processing lines. These machines include the world’s largest semi-automatic assembly machines for tractor and off-road equipment tires. Located in the Metro Detroit area in the center of the U.S. automotive industry, Ultimation Industries looks forward to assisting you with your assembly line conveyor and automation needs.


“Ultimation’s strongest trait was the ability to complete the installation on time, within budget and with no safety incidents to personal or collateral damage to equipment during the installation.  They were instrumental in keeping the crew motivated during the arduous installation and they worked second shift in order to meet SWRMC’s production schedule.

I enjoyed working with the Ultimation installation Crew and am happy to be able to provide this recommendation. I have great respect for Ultimation as a Company and as professionals and am confident that Ultimation will continue to exhibit positive performance in the business Industry.”

Felisa A. ParquetUnited States Navy

“You guys have really delivered for me on this project. I will be sure to include you for any future work that we do.”

Kulwinder GillJohnson Controls Inc.

“I have worked with Ultimation’s executives from the 1970’s until I retired from GM. I’ve always considered them incredibly knowledgeable in the Tire/wheel and conveyor business.”

Will KortrykGeneral Motors

“You’re a great team to work with. We really appreciate your good work!”

James Gacek, ManagerVolvo Heavy Truck (retired)

“We’ve worked through tough times together in the past, and we intend to work through them again. Your support has helped make us highly respected in the industry today.”

Wes Paisley, PresidentDearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co.

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