Ultimation and CEO Jacqueline Canny recognized as Michigan Diversity Business Leader

Michigan Diversity Business Leader

Ultimation’s leadership team at the awards ceremony. From the left: Dawn Milot, Purchasing Manager, CEO Jacqueline Canny, and Administration Manager Carol Barker

Ultimation announced today it has been named to Corp! Magazine’s annual Salute to Diversity list, which recognizes organizations and business leaders in Michigan that have instilled diversity and multiculturalism into the very core of their business strategy.

“As we grow, our focus is finding the right people for the right positions to build the best highly functioning, in-tune workforce that we can,” said CEO Jacqueline Canny. “Our customers’ needs are supported through teamwork and cooperation, which is a fundamental part of our culture. We try to make it a fun environment, and although we’re not a large company we try to take advantage of that by being more flexible than larger companies.”

As technologies continue to change and evolve, younger people are key to future growth, Canny said. “We are able to provide an inclusive, upbeat office environment through a combination of our cohesive team members and our physical facilities,” she said. “The automation and machinery industry is going to see a lot of talent retiring in the next 10 to 15 years, and we want to work on growing our younger team members to help fill those gaps.”


Ultimation was honored, along with other winners, at the magazine’s Salute to Diversity event on September 10th at the MGM Grand Detroit and profiled in Corp! Magazine . Representing Ultimation in accepting the award was CEO Jacqueline Canny, Purchasing Manager Dawn Milot and Accounting and Administration Manager, Carol Barker. Canny is among a growing group of Michigan Diversity Business Leaders who are demonstrating the business value of diversity and inclusion.


Ultimation provides truck tire and wheel assembly machine for 2016 Ford F-650

Ford’s new 2016 F-650 Trucks, now assembled in America, ride on tire and wheel assemblies mounted on an Ultimation truck tire and wheel assembly machine. Located at an all-new facility adjacent to Ford’s Avon Lake, Ohio Assembly plant, mounted and inflated tires and wheels are provided to the assembly plant on a just-in-time sequence. The plant is operated through a partnership between Comprehensive Logistics Inc. and Detroit Chassis LLC.

2016 F-650Ultimation provided it’s two station heavy truck tire and wheel mounting system. The system uses a semi-automatic tire mounting system, with fully automatic inflation. Tires for the new F-650 are mounted and inflated in under 30 seconds each, with an inflation pressure of 105PSI. A truck tire and wheel assembly machine must accept a wide variety of tire and wheel sizes on a single machine, while at the same time offering fast throughput. Operators are able to control various factors in the semi-automatic tire mounting process, enabling fast tire mounting to continue despite variations in tire properties and sizes.



Truck tire assembly machineOperators load wheels onto a feed conveyor using a special overhead crane system. Tires are loaded onto an adjacent conveyor. A vision system then verifies that the correct tire and wheel components have been supplied in the right sequence. At automatic lubrication stations, a soap/lubricant mixture is added to bead area of the tire and the same area of the wheel. The radial orientations of the tire are then adjusted by the operator using a control panel, and the tires and wheels enter the mounting station.

We’ve moved!

Ultimation Industries LLC has recently moved to new, larger facilities at 15935 Sturgeon St., Roseville, MI 48066. The new facilities include a completely renovated technical center and administration office as well as enhanced high-roof production facilities with large overhead cranes for larger fabrication and assembly projects. This has helped us undertake larger fabrication Projects and assembly projects.