Ultimation Announces 2021 STEM Scholarship Winner

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (January 20, 2022) – Jonathan Wright of West Jordan, UT is the winner of Ultimation’s 2021 STEM Scholarship. Jonathan recently received a $1,500 stipend from Ultimation towards his STEM studies in 2022. Jonathan is a student at Utah State University working towards a Computer Engineering degree. Ultimation offers an annual scholarship to encourage students to study STEM programs at colleges and universities across the United States.

Jonathan Wright 2021 Ultimation STEM Scholarship Winner

“Jonathan’s submission was one of many that we received” says  Jackie Canny, Ultimation’s CEO. “The STEM scholarship is a merit-based award, and we asked each applicant to propose ideas that demonstrate innovative ideas and systems for the use of conveyors within vertical farming systems.

Jonathan’s idea was to combine a gravity-driven system and robotics to create an optimal functioning vertical farm system. In this system, he proposed creating towers which are held by a single wheel inside of enclosed conveyor track. By using enclosed track, it allows for bi-directional motion for the robotics to move around the towers as needed. The main benefit to this system is that each tower is completely independent and can move according to the changing needs of the plants.”

Ultimation will be announcing the theme and details of the 2022 STEM Scholarship soon.