Beam Trolley Storage Application

How We Helped: Customers “Beam” Over Trolley Options

Customers are beaming over the many ways Ultimation products provide creative solutions to storage and other household problems. This latest edition of our “How We Helped” series features customer stories using Beam Trolleys with five-foot Unibilt Enclosed Conveyor Tracks.

Seasonal Solution

Once the snow melts, it’s time to stash winter equipment where it won’t get in the way. One customer used our beam and trolley combo to lift heavy gear into overhead storage.

“Needed a place to store a snowblower and winter tires; this with a hand pulley worked perfectly,” the customer writes.

The cast iron trolley can handle loads up to 250 pounds. The set also includes a five-foot enclosed track for smooth movement of objects.

Beam Trolley Storage Application

Workout Wonder

The Ultimation beam trolley and track aren’t the only ones getting a workout in this customer’s home. By mounting the track to the garage ceiling, this punching bag can be moved into position for practice or stowed out of the way when not in use. “Well made,” writes the customer. “I modified it for punching bag. Works great! Super solid!” Six-foot track sections are also available for applications that require longer lengths.

Beam Trolley Gym Application

Heavy-duty Hauling

We’re not exactly sure what this customer is moving with an electric hoist winch, but we do know that sturdiness and heavy-duty capacity played a factor in the beam and trolley purchase decision.

“Used this with two trolleys (for additional load capacity), made some brackets and bolted it onto a garage hoist; drilled and put a bolt at each end to retain the trolley in the track,” writes the customer. “Works flawlessly. I’m going to be adding additional track with turn pieces.”

Beam Trolley Hoist Application

Overall, the Ultimation beam trolley combo gets high ratings from Amazon customers for sturdiness (5.0), value for money (4.8) and ease of installment (4.7). This customer sums it up best:

“Unit is very well made and will last a long time. Very heavy duty and made to take heavy loads. Easy to move hoist with beam and trolleys. Glides to smoothly on track, with heavy load attached.”

These are just a few examples of the many products available as part of Ultimation’s Quick-Ship product line! Visit our online store for more information.