Table Saw Conveyor System

How We Helped: Stories from our Customers

Some of the best ideas for using Ultimation conveyor products come from our customers. This is especially true when it comes to carpentry. Here are three examples of how some of our in-stock, quick-ship solutions are making the woodworking process easier and more efficient:

Two Widths, Two Ways With Lightweight Gravity Conveyors

Positioning long or oversized boards for a table saw is no problem with Ultimation’s Light-Duty Gravity Conveyors. The five-foot length and 24” width provide versatility and stability when paired with the appropriate supporting legs. Galvanized steel rollers can move up to 360 pounds when the conveyor frame is fully supported. A 12-inch width is also available for capacities up to 900 pounds.

Table Saw Conveyor System

“Perfect for table saw conveyor system,” writes one customer. “They’re wide, roll very easily, are lightweight, and high quality.” Another says: “Great help in feeding my table saw. Great value for the money. Would rate 10 stars if I could! 5 for the conveyors and 5 for Ultimation’s outstanding customer service!”

Table Saw Conveyor System Customer

Rollers keep projects…well, rolling

What’s better than one 10″ long roller and bracket? Two! One customer took advantage of a two-pack of rollers and brackets to create a homemade outfeed roller for a table saw. Roller brackets are available in two length configurations: 10″ between frame and 16″ between the frame. Their durable, 100-pound capacity makes them ideal for a variety of projects.

Table Saw Roller and Bracket 2-Pack

“Great for a space-limited workshop,” says the customer. 

Table Saw Roller and Bracket Two Pack


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