Trailer Flow Rails Skate Wheels Steel

How We Helped: Stories from our Customers

You’ve heard the old mantra, “work smarter, not harder?” Well, Ultimation customers are pros at finding creative solutions that take the work out of…well, work.  Check out their latest stories.

Roller solution lets things slide

Ultimation’s 5-foot long skate wheel flow rails are helping customers let things—like pallets—slide with ease.

“I made a pallet slide system for my trailer as you can see in the picture,” writes a customer. “The track is rated at 400-450 lbs. per foot and mine are on a double track. These have made my life so much easier, and my back loves them.”

Trailer Flow Rails Skate Wheels Steel

The heavy galvanized construction has a load rating of 200 pounds per foot, with a maximum 1,000-pound load capacity when fully supported with evenly distributed load. “Works exactly as I had planned,” writes another customer.

Mowing down weekend chores

Customers are mowing big chores down to size, thanks to Ultimation’s heavy-duty rollers with brackets.

“I built a lawn striping kit for my Milwaukee M18 mower utilizing this roller and frame,” writes one customer. “Works great! Not too heavy and all in with all the brackets and hardware is half the price of other lawn stripers.”

Mower with Roller and Bracket Lawn Care Striping    Lawn Strioed with Roller and Bracket set on mower








Mower and Roller and Bracket Galvanized Steel lawn striping rollers

The 21-inch galvanized steel rollers are spring-loaded on one end and can be removed from the bracket. They are durable, with a 250-pound capacity. And, at about $40 each, they are—as one customer says—a “great bang for  your buck!”

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