Ultimation Polyurethane Roller on Lawn Mower

How We Helped: Stories from our Customers

Summer is project season, and Ultimation customers are doing it all, with help from our in-stock, quick-ship solutions. Here are a few examples:

Cutting Edge Lawn Solution

No more “scalped grass” for this customer! Replacing the casters of this 1970s-era King O’ Lawn reel mower with Ultimation’s Polyurethane Coated Roller with Bracket resulted in a envy-inspiring yard. The spring-retained, galvanized roller covered with a thick orange polyurethane roller cover is rated for operation within -80°F to 200°F (-62°C to 93°C) and has a 250-pound max. load capacity.

Ultimation Polyurethane Roller on Lawn Mower

Lawn after use of Mower Roller from Ultimation

Other customers tried the two-pack of rollers for other projects, and had this to say:

“Easy to install for whatever project you use it on” and “This product is exactly what I needed for my DIY wheel rollout stand and saved me a ton of $$… The poly coated rollers protect my expensive wheels. Very glad I found the rollers!”

A Concrete Solution

Concrete Bag Moved on Ultimation Gravity Conveyor

A rural home builder needed a quality steel ramp to move 94-pound bags of Portland cement to a mixing station. This Light-Duty Gravity Conveyor from Ultimation fit the bill. The 12-inch wide, 5-foot-long steel frame has a maximum load capacity of 900 pounds when the conveyor frame is fully supported.

“Tip: buy the support stands, also,” says the customer.


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