Otto autonomous forklift

Meet the newest member of the Otto Family – An Autonomous Forklift

Otto Motors is introducing its newest member to the autonomous family, the Otto Lifter. By implementing current technology with a staple of many warehouses, Otto is bringing to you the Autonomous Forklift known as the Otto Lifter!

Being Introduced as the “World’s Smartest Autonomous Forklift,” The Otto Lifter is helping companies overcome productivity issues caused by lack of workforce. It will also help companies optimize their workforce by utilizing the human labor elsewhere. It is estimated that there will be 2.1 million job openings in the US manufacturing market. Its goal will be to reduce material handling costs while also increasing the throughput in the workplace.

The Otto Autonomous Forklift is also here to help overcome another issue brought upon by the traditional Forklift, which is workplace safety. It will provide the consistency of the standard Forklift while also eliminating serious or non-serious injuries. According to statistics provided by OSHA, there are nearly 100,000 injuries per year involving forklifts. On average, there are also 85 deaths per year due to forklift accidents. Otto is backing its Lifter with 3 million hours driven in production, while providing 400,000 deliveries while allowing zero safety incidents.

By incorporating autonomous technology into the forklift, you are not sacrificing the capabilities of what the Otto Lifter is able to provide. It can lift up to 1200 kg (2640 lbs.) while being able to lift up to 30 in autonomously, or 106 in. with human operation controlling the lift. It can also operate at max 3.2 mph when in an open environment.

“Otto’s Autonomous Lifter complements our existing range of conveyors and material handling products” said Ultimation product specialist, Cory Meisel. “Many of our customers have been looking for this type of product to help optimize their warehouse layouts and provide flexible, fast to implement automation solutions. With its impressive payload, this new Otto product is well suited to pallet loads and larger items. We can provide docking stations where the forklift can load and unload from our conveyor systems, resulting in a totally automated warehouse operation.”

The Otto Autonomous Forklift is easily introduced with other Otto AMR vehicles to completely optimize productivity in the workplace. The Fleet Management system allows you to control all AMRs in the workplace. Keep in mind, AMRs do not require modification to the workplace. They analyze their surroundings and can maneuver its environment using Lidar technology. Traditional AGVs require sensors in the floor or some sort of path to follow, so the AMR is going to be easier to implement with less upfront work.