Flexible Expandable Conveyor Skate Wheels

Problem Solvers: “How do we add temporary seasonal material handling capacity fast?”

With the holiday season and Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days right around the corner, Ultimation customers are looking for ways to quickly add material handling capacity, without breaking the budget.

The answer? Flexible and expandable conveyors.

“Today’s modern warehouses need to be versatile and adaptable,” said Alec Fitzgerald, Digital Marketing Specialist for Ultimation. “Flexible conveyors are a cost-effective solution for 3PLs, assembly, packaging, shipping, or receiving that experience a high seasonal volume.”

Here’s how flexible and expandable conveyors work:

  • Fully expanded, flexible conveyors can provide up to 15 feet of conveyor capacity.
  • When not in use, the compressed width of 18″ and length of 3 feet is small enough to store under pallet racks or just about anywhere.
  • The conveyor legs can be adjusted for heights from 28 – 40 inches, creating the incline needed to move products efficiently.
  • Set-up takes only a few minutes. The conveyor’s large legs and smooth rolling casters make it easy for one person to move without having to use a lift truck.
  • Curve the conveyors to create the exact path needed. This is beneficial for long distances that may have obstacles along the way or a very specific route to move your product.
  • Flexible roller conveyors are great for odd-shaped items like bags or low grade cartons.

Prices start at $665 for the 2- to 8-foot length. Visit the Online Store for full specifications, including weight capacity and pricing.

“Flexible conveyors are a much less expensive investment that can be set up quickly during high volume months,” said Alec. “These compact and portable conveyors could be a better solution for your company, rather than a permanent conveying system that would take up space you need.”