Ultimation Vertical Farming Monitoring System

Ultimation Develops New Vertical Farming Control System

The new vertical farming control system developed by Ultimation’s control engineering team provides our customers the ability to monitor the position of 10,000+ plants including location, product type and grow time in the present location. It can route, divert, and manage product flow from initiation to harvesting.

The system uses Ultimation-developed software and controls systems to manage the physical movements and tracking of the products as they grow. The system is suitable for managing vertical format (hanging tower) or horizontal format (tray) style vertical farms.

Ultimation Vertical Farming Monitoring System

Ultimation’s vertical farming control system is ready to integrate with the customer’s enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or manufacturing execution system (MES) to automatically make decisions for each container for every location on the conveyor system, regardless of loading or unloading sequence. This allows a customer to gain efficiency in the system’s cycle time. The system’s sequencing enables the farm to deliver the right product at the right time to the right customer.

This control system is sold as part of our conveyor equipment and can be tailored to the customer’s needs. Over the past few years, Ultimation has successfully delivered three indoor farming conveyance systems that utilize this control system.

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