Next generation tire and wheel system for Ford Dearborn Assembly Line

Ultimation’s ‘next generation’ tire and wheel delivery trailers have gone into service at the Ford Dearborn, MI, Assembly line. The five Ultimation trailers will deliver tire and wheel assemblies for the all-new Ford F-150. The trailers feature networked motor driven roller Itoh Denki (MDR) conveyors, and will deliver more than 1,000,000 tires and wheels to the Ford assembly line each year. More information on motor driven roller conveyors…

The Ford Rouge complex is so extensive that in some cases it is not practical to move components from one side of the site to the other using regular conveyor systems. Feeding the assembly line from a longer distance with pre-mounted wheels and tires was a special challenge. To overcome that issue, Ultimation’s engineers have designed what we believe to be the largest tire and wheel carrying trailers in the world. Each trailer is 60 feet long, 10 feet wide and 15′ high. This enables each trailer to carry tires up to 40″ in overall diameter. The trailers are so large that when driven on external roads outside the site they require a special wide/tall load permit.


Conveyor systems for trailers

The Ford Assembly line continues outside the dock doors with these 5 trailer conveyor systems for tires and wheels designed and built by Ultimation

Ultimation completes overhead platform fabrication project for Ford Canada

Ford Motor Company of Canada recently upgraded their paint sealer area, with Ultimation providing overhead platform fabrication and mezzanine systems. Ultimation partnered with Jervis B. Webb company to design and build major sections of the new assembly area. The facilities will support the introduction of new models at the plant. The systems designed and built by Ultimation included overhead platforms, catwalks, stairways, ladders, handrail and assembly line platforms.

overhead platform fabrication

Overhead platform fabrication at Ford Canada

Safety requirements for overhead platform fabrication

Overhead platform fabrication projects at Ultimation include detailed civil engineering of the required static and live loads, with all construction performed by certified welders. The stringent requirements of automotive and Canadian government requirements were integrated into the project workplan. Safety requirements for overhead platform systems are rigorous, and our engineers have a great deal of experience with all regulatory and safety requirements. All systems are designed in 3-D CAD software to enable the entire system to be virtually constructed and reviewed before it is built. After CAE (computer aided engineering) analysis, the structure is finalized and a registered professional engineer approves all drawings prior to construction. After construction, drawings are updated to “as built”, with the engineer again reviewing and approving all safety aspects of the structure. Please contact us for your design and fabrication requirements.