How We Helped - Roller and Bracket Sets for Canoes

How We Helped: Ultimation Keeps Projects Rolling Along

At work and at home, Ultimation keeps projects rolling for our customers. Rollers can be part of a gravity conveyor or used as a stand-alone with brackets for a variety of purposes. Check out this latest edition of our “How We Helped” customer stories featuring Ultimation rollers.

Beam it up

Roller and Bracket Sets for Moving 700-pound Wooden Beam

Getting a 700-lb. beam through a small opening in a house is a challenging project. But one enterprising customer used a series of Ultimation heavy-duty rollers to get the job done.

“I bought 4 because the beam is almost 30 feet long,” the customer writes. “The rollers come out of the brackets with a spring loaded axle on one side, so you can easily mount the bracket then insert the roller. I pushed (the beam) in with my tractor.”

Ultimation’s heavy-duty rollers are made of 14-gauge steel and make it easy to transport heavy objects without causing damage.

Another customer who also purchased these rollers remarked: “I had to return another brand that would not stay in the roller bracket, but this pair of rollers seemed like more substantially built. I use these for a raft trailer.”

Take the “crawl” out of crawl space

A customer looking for a crawl space storage solution reached out to Ultimation for answers. It turns out our Light-Duty Gravity Conveyor with 1.5” galvanized steel rollers was the perfect fit for this project. The customer writes:

“If ordering more than one section of the gravity rollers, you may need to add the connecting hardware (not expensive).” Others who ordered the same product say: “Awesome product. Built well.” and “Super easy installation, built well, highly recommend.”

With an overall width of 18″ (measured from outside of frame to outside of frame) and 16″ between frames, Ultimation’s gravity conveyor can accommodate a wide range of projects—including yours!

Lightening the load

How We Helped - Roller and Bracket Sets for Canoes

Canoeing is fun. Hauling the canoe? Not so much…unless you’re this enterprising customer, who used our Polyurethane Coated Rollers with Brackets to make the task so much easier.

“I painted the rollers black and mounted them to my truck rack for easy loading and unloading our canoe. They are working great,” writes the customer. Another says: “Very well made. Easy to install for whatever project you use it on.”

The 1.9-inch spring-retained galvanized rollers are covered with an orange polyurethane cover to protect precious cargo. The covers are temperature-rated for operation within -80°F to 200°F (-62°C to 93°C) and the rollers have a maximum 250-pound load capacity per roller.

Inspired? Let’s get started!

These are just a few examples of the many products available as part of Ultimation’s Quick-Ship product line! Visit our online store for more information.