Urethane Covers for Rollers

Problem Solvers: “What are some easy upgrades we can make to improve the efficiency of our legacy conveyors?”

Customers often ask Ultimation’s Customer Service team for suggestions on how to make their legacy conveyor systems more efficient.

“With more than 400 items in our Online Store, we have a variety of quick-ship solutions to replace or re-energize legacy conveyor systems,” said Alec Fitzgerald, Digital Marketing Specialist for Ultimation.

Some of the options include:

  • Retrofit kits. Existing gravity roller conveyor systems can be converted to motorized systems with Ultimation’s retrofit kits. The kits enable customers to retain their existing roller conveyor frames and leg supports, while adding new motorized rollers, motor controllers and power supplies. The implementation is quick and total cost is much less than purchasing new equipment.

MDR Retrofit 24" Wide x 5' Long

  • Rollers and roller covers. Noisy, worn-out or vibrating gravity conveyors can often be refreshed by replacing the rollers or by adding roller covers. Galvanized steel 10-inch long, 1.5” wide spring-loaded replacement rollers start at less than $5 each. A variety of sizes are available. Roller covers in soft urethane, vinyl or hard plastic can reduce noise levels, cushion products, provide traction, reduce scratches and move products down the line. Roller cover material comes in five-foot sections that can be cut to length and be easily installed by the customer as well as pre-cut lengths.

Urethane Covers for Rollers

  • Conveyor belt replacement. Portec belt conveyors are used in some of the world’s busiest airports and are known for their durability. But eventually, the belts can become worn. By removing one small piece of the mechanical lacing, the entire belt can be replaced within minutes to give the conveyor new life.


For more ideas, visit the Online Store or contact the Ultimation Customer Service team directly at (586) 771-1881.  Ultimation answers all calls during business hours with a live operator and respond to all requests within 24 hours (or the following business day for inquiries received on the weekends).