Gravity Conveyor Paddle Boat Dock

How We Helped: Three Ways Customers Use Our Light-Duty Gravity Conveyor

Ultimation’s mailbox is filling up with stories from customers about how our products are making work—and play—easier! This latest edition of our “How We Helped” series of customer stories features innovative ways to use Ultimation’s Light-Duty Gravity Conveyors.

Red carpet treatment

A customer with an area rug cleaning business uses Ultimation conveyors to transport carpets to and from the centrifuge that extracts water from a freshly washed rug. The customer used a light-duty gravity conveyor from Ultimation with adjustable support legs as the base. The conveyor was then customized with side rails to hold the rugs in place (and off the ground!) during transport.

Gravity Conveyor Rug Cleaning Centrifuge

Gravity Conveyor Rug Cleaning Application

Ship to shore solution

Ultimation’s gravity conveyors helped this innovative customer easily launch a paddle boat.

“The orange rollers allow a smooth transition in and out of the water,” says the customer. “Plus, one person can operate it using only one rope to get this heavy boat in and out of the pond easily.”

A lime-green pool noodle at the water’s edge protects against scratches.

Gravity Conveyor Paddle Boat Dock


Metal masters

Customers at a shop that fabricates and installs sheet metal products recently shared a photo of an Ultimation gravity conveyor being used as their angle iron. “Love the products!” they wrote.

Gravity Conveyor Angle Iron Application

Inspired? Let’s get started!

Ultimation’s gravity conveyors have steel or aluminum frames and are available in 3-, 5- and 10-foot lengths, with widths ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches or more. They’re best paired with conveyor support legs  in a matching width. They can support weights up to 1,500 pounds per set. Variable height adjustment optimizes ergonomics and helps control product speed. Best of all – they’re available as part of Ultimation’s Quick-Ship product line! Visit our online store for more information.