Qimarox ProRunner MK1 MDR Integration

Qimarox Lifters Featured in New Video from Ultimation Industries

Footage shows interface with motor-driver roller automatic buffering systems for seamless material handling

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (July 27, 2023) – A new video released by Ultimation Industries demonstrates how the Qimarox line of lifters can interface with motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyors for seamless material handling inside warehouses, distribution centers and other facilities. Ultimation is the leading direct-to-consumer conveyor manufacturer, specializing in solving productivity challenges with fast-to-deploy solutions for the vertical farming, food processing, automotive, heavy equipment, warehousing, fulfillment and delivery sectors.


“This new video can help manufacturers and distributors visualize the versatility lifters can offer when paired with motor-driven roller conveyor systems,” said Kali Cresent, general manager for Ultimation.


Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems specializing in vertical sorters and conveyors. Their modular designs offer quick and easy installation and modification, with multifunctionality to complete a variety of different tasks. The compact footprint of Qimarox lifters provides additional flexibility. Ultimation is part of the Qimarox System Partner network for the Americas and can design, build and install lifting solutions that integrate with existing material handling systems.

Qimarox Vertical Lifter

The video demonstrates how cartons move through a series of MDR conveyor systems with individual zone control and sensors, automatically buffering between zones. The lifters’ compact footprint easily integrates with MDR conveyors for seamless material handling.

“Lifters are an affordable, effective solution that can be deployed relatively quickly and take advantage of generally unused vertical space above the working area,” said Cresent.


Watch the video on the Ultimation website.

For more information about Ultimation Industries, visit https://www.ultimationinc.com.