Enclosed Conveyor Track Gym Solution

How We Helped: Stories from Our Customers

Ultimation has an entire warehouse of great suggestions for solving material handling problems. But our customers are just as creative. They’ve found some great new uses for our in stock, quick-ship products. Here are some recent examples:

Home gym solution is a knockout

Enclosed Conveyor Track Gym Solution

One clever customer used Ultimation’s six-foot-long Unibilt Enclosed Conveyor Track and beam trolley to create a customized, durable set-up for a punching bag in a home gym. The trolley moves the bag out of the way when not in use.

The customer writes: “A ‘specialized’ punching bag rail ran about $400. This was about $100 for everything and way stronger too.”

Others who are contemplating this application should be aware that track systems are always bolted or welded to appropriately sized steel support structures. Also, the trolley does not have any brakes so a stop of some sort will need to be added to the track to keep the bag in place.

Boat engines a-hoist!

The same industrial grade overhead conveyor beam trolley used in assembly plants came in handy for a customer who needed to remove the engine from a boat during the repair process. The trolley has a 1,500-pound capacity when used with an existing 4″, 5”, or 6” tall industrial grade I-beam.

Another customer who ordered the same product writes: “I was not expecting the track to be this heavy duty.”

Wood it work? Yes.

An avid woodworker was looking for an outfeed extension for a table saw. The answer? Ultimation’s heavy duty 15” roller with bracket.

“Mounted it on a small stand that clamps to a work-bench and butts up against the body of the saw under the fence rail above the motor and belt,” writes the customer. “Roller is wide, heavy, moves easily.”

This solution has a 250-pound capacity and is less than $20.

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