Portec Belt Curve Application

Ultimation Adds Portec Belt Curves and Conveyors to Tackle the Toughest Material Handling Environments

Airport mainstay can move heavy items quickly for a variety of industries, with minimal maintenance requirements

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (Nov. 1, 2022) – The same conveyor technology that moves more than 4 billion pieces of luggage annually is now available for other industries that require durable, low-maintenance, high-speed material handling solutions, according to Ultimation Industries. Portec belt curves and conveyors by Interroll are used by some of the biggest airports in the world and can now be ordered through Ultimation, the leading direct-to-consumer conveyor manufacturer. Ultimation specializes in solving productivity challenges with fast-to-deploy solutions.


“Portec belt curves are durable enough to transport heavy bags through the airport system day in and day out on demanding timetables that don’t allow for downtime,” said Richard Canny, president of Ultimation. “When they do need maintenance, Portec’s easy serviceability can help get operations back up and running quickly.”


He added that other industries with demanding material handling environments, such as distribution centers, parcel handling operations, food/wine/beverage facilities and vertical farms can also experience similar benefits with Interroll Portec systems.

Portec Belt Curve Application

Ultimation is one of the leading integrators for Interroll and Portec equipment. Ultimation designs, builds, and integrates customized solutions from Interroll and Portec into a customer’s existing system. The complete range of Interroll modules are available through Ultimation:


  • Belt Curves are available in curvatures ranging from 15 to 290 degrees and can be used in a flat application or can work on an ascent or descent.
  • Spiral Chute Masters are made of fiberglass and resemble a slide to allow for downward travel aided by gravity.
  • Spiral Lifts are the perfect solution for vertical transport when space is a factor. The spiral lift can range in radius while keeping product orientation stable throughout the lift/descend.
  • Merges/Diverges allow for conveyors to diverge and combine with different conveyors in a swift and efficient manner.
  • Belt Conveyors are available in different configurations ranging from horizontal format to incline and decline formats.


“Portec belt curves are low maintenance and very durable, with belts known to last 10 years or longer in some cases,” said Canny. “If the belt does begin to wear out, replacements can be reinstalled in minutes since the frame construction provides easy access to the belt.”


Replacement parts and systems for Interroll belt conveyors and Portec belt curves, including a range of belts, bearings, gear motors, drum motors and complete conveyor sections, are available through Ultimation for purchase. For more information about conveyor solutions from Ultimation Industries, visit https://www.ultimationinc.com.