Roller and Bracket Kayak Transport

How We Helped: Stories from our Customers

Ultimation has an entire warehouse of great suggestions for solving material handling problems. But our customers are just as creative. They’ve found some great new uses for our in stock, quick-ship products. Here are some recent examples:

That’s how we roll

Roller and Bracket Kayak Transport

After a long day on the lake, the last thing one of our customers wanted to do was load the pontoon fishing boat onto the utility trailer. But a couple of two-packs of 17” rollers and brackets made this task a whole lot easier. And it was gentler on the pontoons.

“Mounted them on 2x4s and voila! Problem solved,” the customer writes. “Easy on and easy off by lifting one end while the other glides along the rollers.”

It’s all in the detail

A customer needed a solution to clean and detail wheels after track day…but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a commercial set-up. Ultimation’s roller and bracket set earns the checkered flag.

Roller and Bracket Set Wheel Detail

“I mounted these to a piece of wood and they allow me to clean/detail my wheels,” writes the customer. The durable rollers have a 100-pound capacity and the set costs less than $50.

Building a better (truck) bed

Flow Rail Truck Bed Solution

Ultimation’s Flow Rail 5’ long Skate Wheel Conveyor helped one customer make moving materials in and out of a truck bed easier.

“Bought six pieces, cut them to fit my 8-foot bed,” the customer writes. “Works really well for 8-foot drawer boxes.” Another customer says: “I like the fact the material is heavy duty and I’ll be able to cut into 1 foot lengths.”

The weight capacity is 260 pounds per foot when they are fully supported and uniformly loaded.

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