MDR Retrofit 24" Wide x 5' Long

Four Good Things Happen When You Motorize Your Old Gravity Roller Conveyor

Retrofit kits can quickly and cost-effectively deliver technology benefits

Companies that have an existing gravity roller conveyor can extend its life and upgrade its function by converting it into a Motor-Driven Roller (MDR) conveyor system.

Making the upgrade involves adding new motorized rollers, motor controllers and power supplies, while keeping current frames and leg supports.  Photo-eye sensors also can be added to move products from zone to zone.

Ultimation offers retrofit kits to convert gravity roller conveyors to MDR conveyors.  The kits come pre-configured to suit existing conveyor frames, making implementation quicker and costs lower than purchasing an entirely new system.

“When it comes to conveyor system updates, sometimes the best solution is to start where you are, rather than from scratch,” says Kali Cresent, Ultimation’s e-commerce general manager.  “Existing conveyor systems can often be updated quickly and cost effectively with a few, simple upgrades through a retrofit kit.”

MDR 10' Long x 24" Wide Shipping Warehouse

Ultimation customers who have made the change to MDR technology have noticed four things:

More productive employees.  The post pandemic staffing crisis continues, with 3.4 million fewer Americans working today compared to February of 2020, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.   Business of all types have had to adjust to constrained workforces.  A distance that requires two or three employees to move product along on a gravity roller conveyor might only require one employee on a MDR conveyor system.

Quiet, energy-efficient operations.  MDR conveyor systems use 24-volt DC technology. The result is a conveyor system that uses electricity very efficiently, only using energy when actively moving cargo. The system also is low-noise, providing a safer and more comfortable workplace.

Simple, plug-and-play installation, maintenance and repair.  The retrofit kits are a simple ‘snap-in’ conversion format.  Installation can be done by end-user maintenance or engineering teams.  In addition, if repairs are needed in the future the modular components can be easily replaced by in-house teams, reducing downtime.

Elimination of product damage and bottlenecks.  MDR conveyors use sensors and controls to ensure packages don’t get damaged by crushing against each other. Loads continue moving along the MDR conveyor until they get close to (but do not touch) the product unit in front. As a result, there are no gaps or bottlenecks in the line.

Ultimation is the leading direct-to-consumer conveyor manufacturer and serves the automotive, food processing, vertical farming, heavy equipment, warehousing, fulfillment and delivery segments.

The retrofit kits, as well as a full range of replacement parts including motors, motor controllers, belts and ready-to-run conveyors are available through the Ultimation online store.  Many conveyors and parts can be shipped the same day.  In addition to the conveyor system components, businesses that are looking for a quick update also can get needed technical support through the Ultimation team.