Indoor farming for mushroom leather

Mushroom Leather is now a scalable alternative to animal leathers

Ultimation’s customer MycoWorks has launched their new production facility

Mushroom-Based ‘Leather’ Is Now A Scalable Alternative To Animal Leathers, Poised For Market Disruption

“Mycelium “leather” has been mooted as a potential replacement for animal leathers for some time, but has been plagued by the inconsistencies brought about by the natural, uncontrolled growth process. This process typically results in a leather-like material that varies unpredictably in tensile strength, thickness, and breathability throughout the material. This stood in the way of its suitability for the demands of the apparel and footwear industry until groundbreaking material developers Sophia Wang and Philip Ross designed a closed tray system that has now become the foundation of MycoWorks, a $62 million advanced manufacturing company established in 2013 that supplies their trademarked Fine Mycelium “leather” to Hermès amongst other (as yet undisclosed) brands.”

Indoor farming for mushroom leather

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