tire and wheel delivery trailer

Tesla Model 3 Tire and Wheel Delivery System Begins Production

Tesla’s new Model 3 Electric Car recently began full production and Ultimation’s tire and wheel delivery trailers are helping support the launch.

Tire and Wheel Delivery System

Tesla’s delivery fleet consist of 5 Ultimation motor driven roller (MDR) tire and wheel delivery trailers. Each trailer has 6 levels, and can transport 230 tires. Everything that moves on the trailer is accessible via an innovative design. The design features side opening curtains and a front access door. Any motor on the system can be accessed within seconds. Each motor has a rated life of more than 10,000 hours.

“We are now seeing nearly all North American automotive manufacturers using Ultimation’s tire and wheel delivery trailer technology” said CEO Jacqueline Canny. “Our conveyor systems are in daily service delivering tire and wheel assemblies to plants at GM, Ford, Chrysler and now Tesla.”

“Many automotive plants have outsourced their wheel and tire assembly processes, and our tire and wheel delivery system enables that strategy to support production requirements. The most important attribute for the OEM is to ensure that not only is the tire and wheel delivery process maintained on schedule, we have to be sure the right tire and wheel is delivered in the right sequence.  Ultimation’s trailers have a single, spiral conveyor path from the top entry point to the bottom discharge point to ensure that the production build sequence is correct. The tires can’t get mixed up like they can using other tire delivery systems. With modern tire and wheel assemblies for performance and luxury vehicles like the Tesla Model 3, it’s also important that the tires are never stacked on top of each other to avoid damage.”