Interroll Academy Huckelhoven-Baal Global Network

Connecting with a Global Network for a Sneak Peek at the Future

Providing a conveyor system that perfectly fits the business needs of a small-to-medium sized manufacturer or large distribution center requires a global network.

There’s an ever-growing need for efficiency and automation in most companies to meet growing demands. As a result, today’s material handling and conveyor system requirements are much more advanced. This requires expertise from companies located around the world.

Kali Cresent, general manager, Ultimation Online Sales and Parts, recently traveled more than 8,000 miles to connect with that global network in Düsseldorf, Germany, which Interroll sponsored as part of its Rolling On Interroll® (ROI) partner program.

“Powered roller conveyor systems and components are an important, growing part of the business,” says Kali.  “The partnership is an initiative by Interroll to bring together companies that integrate its products and produce different parts of these systems.  It’s a way to support innovation among companies that have complementary businesses.”

Interroll Academy Huckelhoven-Baal

Powered roller conveyor systems support the revolution underway in manufacturing that some call Industry 4.0, which focuses on innovative, automated processes. Advantages to using power roller conveyor systems are that they are safer, quieter, and easier to maintain. These newer conveyor systems can replace traditional, chain-driven systems that use large, gear motors.

At the conference, the partners got an exclusive sneak preview of new conveyor solutions currently under research and development before going to market.

“Understanding the products that will soon become available is a big advantage to us as we are helping our customers plan for their future needs,” says Kali.

Kali also had the opportunity to tour a couple of Interroll facilities, in addition to taking advantage of training and networking opportunities.

“It was great to see the Interroll manufacturing processes,” says Kali. “It is very clear that they’re passionate about what they do and take great care to deliver a quality product.”

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