How does 24V MDR conveyor work?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, a video. In showing how 24V MDR conveyor (or motorized roller conveyor) works the benefits are easy to see.

Ultimation’s internal sales team thought a quick demo was the easiest way to show how 24V MDR conveyors work.

Ultimation Internal Sales Manager, Jenni Collins, explains the benefits. “It’s actually pretty simple. This ten foot section in the video has two motorized rollers, three photo eyes to detect the boxes and one Interroll multi-control card. The motors are connected to the other rollers with Durabelt o-rings. The control card is constantly checking if space is available at the next zone of the conveyor. As soon as space opens up, the  24V MDR conveyor sends the next package along.

Because the boxes never push up against each other, they call this zero pressure accumulation. Basically, it’s an automated buffer that enables a process at each end of the conveyor to operate at different speeds and the conveyor takes care of moving the parts and creating a buffer. Because the motors only run when the product needs to be moved, they’re really efficient. “

24V MDR Motors


Ultimation offers MDR systems in three different levels using both Interroll and Itoh Denki motorized MDR rollers

  • Individual MDR motors and components: We have a huge selection of MDR motors and other components like power supplies, O-ring belts and gravity idler rollers ready to ship. They are available for online purchase
  • Retrofit kits for existing gravity roller conveyors : Many of our customers have a significant amount of gravity roller conveyor, and they need to automate it to improve efficiency. Ultimation has kits available that can be used to retrofit Ultimation, Hytrol, Ashland and Lewco gravity conveyors. These kits include all necessary parts and cables. Learn more about these kits here
  • Ultimation 24V MDR Power Supply Units: These power supplies are available in 110V, 240V and 480V configurations, enabling customers to easily provide power to up to 8 MDR motors
  • Ultimation plug-n-play MDR modular conveyors: Available in various configurations, these 10′ conveyor lengths come ready to run with motors, conveyor frames, control card and photo-eye sensors. They are available for online purchase

If you would like to learn more about how 24V MDR conveyors work, you can contact Jenni or any of our sales team. We can help take the mystery out of MDR systems for you!

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